25 Signs You Went To A Catholic School

There are some things that only people who went to a Catholic school will understand. From morning Mass to nativity plays and those dreaded Confessions, there is no denying it was unique. Here is a quick reminder and 25 signs you went to Catholic school.

1) Mass every morning without fail

2) There was a small chapel in your school, cleverly named 'the chapel'

3) Confessions were so scary and you would always lie or say "I fight with my sister/brother"


4) The Rosary has been thoroughly explained to you

5) Religion tests were given out but never corrected. Remember "your faith cannot be graded"

6) Whoever got the coolest blob on their forehead on Ash Wednesday wins


7) If you broke Lent you would lie and say you kept it for fear of the others reactions

8) Breaking the dress code was terrifying

9) Anyone who knew all of "I confess to Almighty God and you my brothers and sisters..." was the coolest kid in school


10) When someone says "Peace be with you" you respond with "and also with you"

11) We secretly miss having clothes picked out for Monday - Friday

12) You still remember all the names of the girls or boys you went to school with. You remember their parents, siblings and cousins names too


13) You secretly are jealous when you hear that your friends say grace before meals

14) Even if you never go, you are slightly ashamed you don't go to Mass

15) You have been to The Farm on more school trips than you've had hot dinners


16) You have been an angel, sheep, shepherd or star at least 4 times in your life

17) Anyone who was Mary or Joseph in the play were the envy of the whole class

18) Everyone sang in a choir at least once at Christmas, wearing white shirts and red dickie bows


19) Christmas plays are taken very seriously

20)  Your knee automatically bends when you enter a row in a Church

21) Everyone was so jealous of the altar boys and girls


22) You can sell pretty much any scrap of an item due to your fundraising skills

23) You bless yourself if you pass a church or an ambulance

24) You had a patron Saint and you wouldn't dare disrespect them

25) You could never remember the stations of the cross

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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