26 Signs You're Overcome With Wanderlust

Wanderlust: (noun) A strong desire or urge to drop everything, empty your savings tin and run away to see the world. We all have a bit of wanderlust in us, but how strong is yours? if you've been truly bitten by the travel bug, here are 26 things you know to be 100% true. Meet you at the airport....

1. Every time you see a World Map you need to buy it.
2. You've marked every place you've been/want to go on a map.
3. You want a tattoo of something related to travelling. (Eg. a plane.)
4. You have all the airlines websites bookmarked and you've signed up to their spam because in your opinion, it's not spam at all.
5. You're constantly Googling images and facts about the places you want to visit.
6. You know exactly how much it costs to fly anywhere at any given time.
7. You both love and despise (with jealousy) reading travel blogs.
8. Settling down in one country forever is about as terrifying to you as parachuting out of a plane at 10,000 ft is to your mum. (But you'd actually love that.)
9. You've dreamed about going to the airport, jumping on the next departing plane and throwing your passport away the minute you arrive.

10. You're forever posting pictures of beautiful Parisian streets, New York traffic, Jamaican beaches, all the while your friends post selfies, what they had for dinner, and their dog. *Sigh*
11. You're always comparing how expensive something is to whether the money could be used to buy a plane ticket.
12. You know the different time zones all across the world.
13. You know a bunch of useful phrases in about 16 different languages. 
14. You know the currency exchange rates without looking them up.
15.You live for the interrailing Facebook page.
16. Your phone is full of travel apps.
17. Eating normal food is boring, when you could be eating seadas (fried crepes with pecorino cheese and honey) in an Italian café for your breakfast. 

18. Meeting other travellers is one of the most exciting things ever.
19.You'd just never date anyone who isn't interested in travelling.
20. You think you should work for Foursquare.
21. You're dragging yourself through the torture that is college just so you can do Erasmus. 

22. You've planned your Erasmus trip 3 years in advance.
23. You've convinced yourself that you can live on 4 hours sleep. 

24. Tour guides are for tourists - you trust your gut.
25. You have the perfect travel playlist for every flight, beach trip, road trip etc...
26. Your family are the only reason you'd ever come back...
Amanda Roche
Article written by
Amanda is 18 years old, gay, and has two loves; Pizza and chocolate. Overcome with wanderlust, this daydream believer spends her days writing and planning her next adventure around the world.

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