4 Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom This Semester

It's a new Semester and I'm sure that like me, you're keen to either brighten up your dull shell of a student room, or, for those of you fortunate enough to live at home, to spruce up your existing one. So why not try these 4 easy ways to brighten it up? You'll love these looks, and putting a stamp on your room will make it feel extra special. Here's how to do it!

1) Focus Pieces

If your bedroom is looking a little plain why not get some cushions for your bed? They're super cheap from Ikea and you can get them in basically any colour. If you're feeling sick of your crusty makeup shrine or your wall is looking a little bare and sad, why not get some nice canvas pictures or picture frames? If this isn't an option, then get creative with some string and pegs and print off those photos you've been meaning to.

2) Lights

It sounds obvious, using lights to brighten up your room and all, but cheap little fairy lights can go a long way. Look at the atmosphere they create! So pretty.

3) New Sheets/Curtains

The pink Barbie sheets and curtains that you've had since you were 5 should be saying bye-bye by now. If you have plain walls, why not splash out on some funky covers and curtains and spruce up your space in quick time.

4) Rearrange

Sometimes we're sick of our rooms even after we've done all this re-decorating. So why not make like Ross and pivot?

Laura Kelly
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