35 Things You've Asked Your Roommate This Year

Its that time of year again....time to pack up, spend seven hours cleaning and move back home/dump your stuff home and go on your J1. You're all excited about the prospect of the summer and what awaits you, but there's a little niggling part of you that will miss the inevitable bond you forged with your roommate. There's no one who knows you better; they've seen you at your best and your very worst and they never judge. So here's a little reminder of all the things you've annoyed each other about over the past 9 months.

1) Are you in the room?
2) Can you let me in? I lost my wallet... and my keys... and my purse.
3) How often do you actually have to wash your sheets?

4) Do I have raccoon eyes?
5) Does this look slutty?
6) Hey, want to hand me my headphones? They're sitting on my desk. I just got into bed and I'd really prefer to not move.
7) Are we out of Nutella?

8) Is your WiFi being weird too?
9) Wanna cuddle?
10) Will you walk to McDonalds with me?
11) *Roommate walks into room with package from relative* Is it Christmas?
12) Would you un-roommate me if I wanted to watch the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

13) Can I raid your closet? I literally hate everything in mine right now.
14) Have you eaten yet?
15) *Roommate answers yes* Okay, so what am I supposed to do for dinner then?

16) Can you teach me how to do laundry?
17) Can I wear that shirt with the really cool back?
18) Have you seen my bracelet anywhere?
19) Hey, did that one chick come up to you today and ask you to join a weekly Bible study?

20) Have you left the bed once today? *texted from bed*
21) What do you think our neighbours think of us/do we care?
22) How much money do you think I've invested in peanut butter this year?

23) Will you promise to personally stab me if another fire alarm goes off?
24) Do you need anything at Penneys/want to go to Penneys with me?
25) When do you think the last time we vacuumed was?

26) Are you using your iPhone charger? I left mine at ______.
27) Is it bad that I haven't done laundry in a week and a half?
30) Will you judge me if I watch The Last Song on Netflix...again?

31) *Looks at meat in dining hall* What do you think that is?
32) If I make popcorn will you eat half of it?
33) All of my friends are lame and aren't going out tonight... what are you doing?

34) Please tell me you have dry shampoo?
35) You're going to miss me next year, right? Right? RIGHT? Why aren't you answering the question?


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