41 Signs You Went To An All Girls School

Us all girl school graduates have experienced many things in our time at secondary education. But, there are some things that all boys and mixed schools will never understand. Rules that they may never have had inflicted on them. If you went to an all girls school and want to go down memory lane here are 41 Signs You Went To An All Girls School.

1) Your school skirt must be at a certain level...or you will pay the price

2) There is always one person with a smelly lunch

3) Hickeys will always be covered with a scarf and someone will always rat you out for it


4) The "time of the month" will get you out of any P.E. class

5) Male Teachers are constantly ridiculed

6) To cheat in exams notes will be written on your legs


7) What you wear to graduation is a stressful decision

8) Pulling up your school skirt and hitching up your tights is second nature

9) There is always someone with a pack of tissues in their locker


10) There is always someone with hand sanitizer

11) You belong to a group of girls, still, and you are cleverly named

12) There is always a teacher everyone likes and one no one likes


13) There will be constant fear of the older years

14) Underage discos

15) There will always be a girl with a fake i.d. or her sister's i.d.


16) Uncrontrolable laughing in School Masses

17) Irrelevant announcements on the intercom

18) There is always someone who says they don't study who does


19) There is always someone who says they do study when they don't

20) You can go from hating/loving someone to the opposite in seconds

21) Your pencil case is your life from 1st - 3rd year


22) From 4th - 6th year it might as well be a plastic bag for all you care

23) You know your friend's perfumes off by heart

24) You know the smell of smoke mixed with perfume very well


25) "Penneys - €9"

26) Crying will get you out of anything

27) You always say you wish you went to another school/mixed school but deep down you know you wouldn't ever have actually gone


28) You are always talking

29) There are more loud people in your group than quiet

30) Injections Days are the most dramatic days - someone always cries, someone always faints and someone always mocks the rest


31) "Oh my God my legs are sooo hairy. I haven't shaved them in weeks"

32) Your principal gossips more than the whole student body combined

33) No one ever likes the class photo on picture day - no matter how much makeup, fake tan or hair products a person may use


34) If you wear nail polish you are in serious trouble

35) Every all girl school has the oddest penalty system

36) There is always someone who is late for assembly


37) Jocking someone in your class is a daily occurance

38) The bus was 40cent when you started school and 65cent when you were leaving (it is now €2.30)

39) You have known some of your friends since you were 3 years old

40) Basketball, hockey, tennis or swimming was your forte

41) School choirs

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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