5 Things For Your Final Electric Picnic Checklist

Obviously the one thing you cannot forget as you hit the road for Electric Picnic later this week is your ticket. That is unless your are lucky enough to be on the playing bill or have managed to blag a guest pass or the VIP list.

Over the years, the list of must-haves people can all agree upon has grown. Gone are the days when a few euro in your pocket and a twinkle in your eye were enough to get you through the weekend. So here are five of our most recommended items that you simply must bring to survive the three days at Stradbally.

1) TENT - This might be stating the obvious but a good tent is an absolute must. Gone are the days of the simple green or blue army bargain. Many people now trawl the internet for the weirdest print possible to make the biggest impact in the campsite - or to simply be able to find it again easily in the wee small hours! Here's one we found that is a very literal take on the name of the festival...


2) BABY WIPES - If you are a festival virgin this might seem like an odd suggestion, but for veterans this is one of the first things we put in our bags. With the distinct lack of accessibility to hot running water (there are showers but take some serious tactical know-how to negotiate), the next best thing is the "tent bath". We'll leave it to your imagination what that entails!


3) EARPLUGS - With just a few sheets of material between you and your nearest neighbour this is an essential item for grabbing a few hours of beauty sleep at any time of the day or night.



4) RAINCOAT & SUNCREAM - Being that this is an Irish festival, and the fact that you already have wellies on your feet, the other two items to consider for any weather eventuality is a good raincoat and suncream. With a near guarantee of some rain and some sun over the course of the weekend, it's best to have both bases covered. Again, like the tents, the variety of colourful raincoats and ponchos available is amazing. So if you have the time, dig a little deeper to find your unique weather repellent.


5) REHYDRATION KIT - The inevitability of a weekend partying is you end up dehydrated. Whether it is from an over exuberance of dancing or an over indulgence in booze, we rarely think to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Thanks be to the festival for coconut water, multi-vitamins and in emergency situations, rehydration salts. Realistically, and trying hard not to sound like an Irish mammy, the best course of action is just to bring plenty of water and to drink it!

BONUS TIP: In previous years, it would have been essential to carry a spare battery for your phone or even a portable recharger, but thankfully Vodafone have simplified this with the recharge tent. No longer will we be struggling through the weekend with one charge on our phones so we can shoot as much video or take as much snaps without a fear of the dreaded dead smartphone!


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