5 Tips For Surviving Final Year Of College

5 Tips For Surviving Final Year Of College

After years of partying, procrastination and all-nighters fuelled by cans of red bull you’ve finally made it to your final year in college. But what now? Although you managed to pass first year while also heading out every night of the week, final year is a little bit trickier. Now’s the time to actually get a good degree to show your parents you didn’t just spend your college days drinking and heading out with your friends. (Don’t worry we’ve all done it!)

1) Try go to most of your lectures/tutorials

An extra hour in your big cosy bed or a 9am lecture spent trying not to fall asleep? Bed obviously! But seriously it’ll be worth your while actually going to the lecture and trying to take some notes. This will be a lifesaver when it comes to study week and you won’t feel like everything’s piling up because you already have some sort of clue as to what’s going on.

2) Don’t leave everything until the last minute

We’ve all been there. You’ve enjoyed yourself a little bit too much and suddenly its week 8 and you’re swamped with all these assignments and essays that are due. Trust me it’s not worth the stress! Get your assignments started that little bit earlier and you’ll actually end up more relaxed and you can enjoy your night out with your pals more. Win win!

3) Don’t live in the library


Sure all final year students spent majority of their time in the library due to their increased workload but try to balance work with play. Spending all morning and all night studying in the library won’t do much for your mental health. Relax, take a breather and enjoy a night of Netflix without even thinking about college work. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll actually wake up the next morning more refreshed!

4) Exercise


Exercise or extra fries? Easiest thing to do when stressed is order takeaway which is totally understandable every now and again you deserve it. But try to make mostly healthy decisions to fuel your mind and help you concentrate. Even a quick walk with a friend will relieve stress and help improve your mood. All about those good endorphins people!

5) Prepare yourself for the FYP

We’ve all heard about the dreaded FYP. Some lucky courses don’t have one but for those who do, think about it in third year. You might feel like you’re a bit ahead looking up research on your topic that early but you’ll be delighted when you’re not stressing about it last minute.

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Kate O'Gorman

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