Looking Back At The 8 Times You Full On Ignored Logic In College

Looking Back At The 8 Times You Full On Ignored Logic In College

College is a funny time in one's life. You think you're gonna have it all figured out as an 'adult', but the road is often fraught with one pitfall after another and the only way you learn from your mistakes is by diving head first into them. So here's a list of the 8 times you fully blanked logic in college.

1. You Ate Terribly

Beans on toast 3 days out of 7, a couple of Dr. Oetker pizzas and maybe a take away to treat yourself. How did you survive?

2. You Left Your Assignments Stupidly Late

It's a cliche but its also true. Nothing to light a fire under your arse like a 5,000 word essay from your scariest lecturer to make you pull the finger out.


3. You Budgeted Terribly

We all had a budget to work off in college, usually it was 30% food and utilities and the rest was pooled for socialising. Only problem with that was you ended up starving yourself, doing a 'hungry' shop and having to either stay at home or worse go out and watch as your friends got plastered.

4. You Weren't Picky With Sleeping Arrangements

It's always the case, you're after heading to a friend's house party you've had one too many, it's 5 in the morning, the walk home seems like a marathon, so you decide to kip on the floor. A sober mind would've asked for a blanket but oh no, curled up in the foetal position on a hardwood floor, that'll do me. Proceed to wake up with a sore back, a sore arse and a sore head, and you still have to walk home.


5. You Didn't Take The Easy Way

Remember that online quiz that was 10% of your overall grade? Or the attendance quota that counted toward your final result? You had to do it the hard way. Repeats, come at me bro.

6. You Underestimated Basic Concepts Of Time & Distance

Feck spending 30 quid on a taxi home, you might as well be throwing your money down the toilet. A drunken rambling jaunt around the cities high roads and by roads sounds like a better plan. The pilgrimage back to your house will usually end just as the sun comes up and the buses start to run again. How convenient.


7. You Used 'Drunken' Reasoning

You know what? I should get as locked as possible before I head out, then I won't have to spend a red cent in town. Ah, the folly of youth. Although to be fair I still try to cram in as much alcohol as possible before I head out. I always ends the same way though, either getting sick, falling asleep or worse heading out drunk as a skunk and making a holy show of yourself.

8. You Procrastinated

If The devil makes work for idle hands then we must credit Satan with creating Netflix, Guitar Hero & Mario Kart. Whatever college related task was at hand there was a unnecessary, pointless and time consuming pastime you were availing of. Making a house of cards, throwing a ball against the wall and the old classic the 'floor is made of lava'.

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