The 5 Worst Things About Being Sick When You Live in Student Digs

The 5 Worst Things About Being Sick When You Live in Student Digs

Sooner or later everyone catches a bug sufficiently severe to keep them confined to their bed for the day. You have to lie there suffering and grotesque until you eventually feel better or die.

It truly is a nightmare, a nightmare only made worse when you find yourself stranded in your student digs.

1. If you need food you have to leave the house

When you wake up ill and feeling like despair incarnate all you want are two things; to never have to leave your bed again, and comfort food. Naturally, there's nothing left in the house other than that bizarre kale salad abomination your housemate eats.

Unless you want to add starvation to the litany of minor agonies that blight your existence you'll have to brave the elements and trudge down the shop, all the while shambling like a leper with an inner ear problem.


2. There never seems to be any paracetamol


This is more a problem for those of the male persuasion.

You'll find yourself scraping forlornly around the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and only find an empty spool of floss. If you are lucky enough to be female, or have a female housemate then you can plumb the veritable pharmacopeia that resides within every handbag ever.

3. You're perpetually cold

No matter what, your home place will always be 100 times warmer than the frigid student digs you shiver in throughout flu season.

Is it some sort of parental-thermo-generation that keeps your home place warm? Or is the cold you feel in your own place a psychosomatic symptom of the chill encroachment of reality into your warm college bubble.



4. There's no one to fuss over you

The one saving grace when you're suffering from the lurgy, is that you get some attention and TLC from your parents. When you're away from home, however, there's no one to pay even a passing bit of attention to you. You could lie, languishing in your bed for days and no one would deign to so much as check on you never mind bring you soup.


5. There's no one to eventually put you out of your misery

When you reach the nadir of your supine suffering there'll be but only one option; a gentle egress from this mortal coil. Will one of your housemates gift of a merciful release? They will on their shitey, selfish hole.


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Kyle Mulholland

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