6 Apps To Keep You Organized In College

If you're one of those super organised students who has got their life figured out and plans to a T, this one's not for you. But if you're like the other 98% of us, who can't keep things straight one day to the next, you've come to the right place.


Staying organised in college can be such a difficult task, and if you don't get on top of it it'll sometimes come back to bite you in the ass. Thankfully, as the old saying goes, there's an app for that! Or rather, quite a few apps to help you out in keeping organised so you can continue to just get by in college, but a bit more efficiently.

1. 24me app

This app is the absolute best way to keep all of your things in one spot in a simple and easy to use format. With calendar, to-do, notes, mail, notifications, and even bill pay, among other features, this app is a can't miss. It makes to-dos and calendar appointments actually seem fun, something we thought an app could never possibly do


Cost: Free on the App Store.



2. Quip app

One of the absolute worst things about classes in college is the group projects you're forced to do, when you more often than not end up with those group members who can't communicate for shit. With Quip, there's no excuses anymore. It takes documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chats and blends them all into an easy-to-use app that is perfect for those pesky projects.
Cost: Free on the App Store.


3. Wunderlist app


Having trouble keeping all your to-dos straight in your head? Look no further than Wunderlist, where you can plan for anything, set reminders, and collaborate with others to finish up your to-do list in record time.


Cost: Free on the App Store.


4. Evernote app


Another one similar to 24me, Evernote is perfect for keeping everything organized for you. With a voice to text feature that helps you take notes on the go and the feature to sync with other devices, Evernote is perfect for those crazy days you don't get to sit down.


Cost: The basic version is free on the App Store.




5. LastPass app

If you're anything like me, it is the biggest pain in the ass to try and remember every single password you've got, considering just about everywhere requires them now. With LastPass, you don't need to remember all of the passwords as it stores them securely for you. Even though it may sound scary and unsafe, you do still need a password to get into LastPass, meaning you've only got to remember one password rather than hundreds.


Cost: Free on the App Store.


6. Boomerang extension

We've all been there: it's nearly 3am and you've just remembered the email you needed to send your lecturer, but don't necessarily want them seeing the 3am time stamp. Thankfully, Boomerang is here to help. It's an extension for Gmail that allows you to schedule when you want emails sent out. It can also help declutter your inbox by scheduling important, time-sensitive emails to pop back up again when you actually need them.


Cost: It's a free extension, you've just got to have Gmail.

Ally Kutz
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American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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