6 Ways To Stay Chic and Organized in College Dorms

This semester is the first time I have ever stayed in a dorm room. The previous two years I've lived in a small apartment with my own room. So, in order to survive this semester, I have had to look into ways of keeping my side of the dorm organized for all my tech, clothes, make-up, books, and other things while still keeping it as stylish as possible. Thank you, Pinterest. I am eternally grateful...

1. Storage Boxes/ Stackable Crates


These things are a godsend. I keep my textbooks and school supplies (paper, pencils, the like) in one box, my novels in another, and my ticket stubs and everything else in a third as a memory box. They can fit anywhere. I put mine underneath my desk. They also fit in the closet or on top of the closet space. Wherever. And with so many different colors to choose from, it's no wonder they come in handy for any dorm.

2. Wall Space



This is the most valuable space you have. In my dorm, I have a cork board already in place. With a box of pins I can put all important information on one-half and decorate the other with postcards, pictures, and anything else I want. Depending on the rules and leasing contracts, you can either nail things in or just use tape. In my apartment, I've hung up large calendars, whiteboards, and posters. Friends have hung colorful clipboards around their desks as well. Fly AF.

3. Mason Jars



They can be used for everything! All the cotton balls you use for makeup; put them in a mason jar. All your makeup brushes that you leave everywhere; put them in a mason jar. Nail polish? Meet a mason jar. Of course, mason jars are pretty 'blah' by themselves. But they can be decorated with colorful or patterned tape. You can also decorate them with some paint. You're basically Picasso now, just saying.

4. Fairy Lights



That's right, fairy lights. Instead of going and buying an extra few lamps, just hang fairy lights from the top of your wall and turn them on. Voila! A bit of extra light with no space taken up where a rubbish bin or hamper, or even some binders would go. Think outside the box, be bold and mix things up.

5. Door Hangers


On the inside of closet doors, you can hang almost anything that you'd like to have away from sight. Instead of taking up a lot of floor space inside the closet, a hanging shoe organizer can hold your shoes. If you want them on the floor you can even use a hanging shoe organizer to hold hair dryers, hair straighteners, cleaning supplies and snacks you don't want your roommates touching. You have been warned...


6. Minimize Quantity


It's sad to say, but you won't be able to take everything you own into a college dorm. If your parents are willing, store what you can't part with. If not, you'll have to say goodbye to certain things. Maybe your favorite dress that you thought you'd wear again, but it's been five years and you still haven't. There's no way around that. Stuffing your room with everything makes it look cluttered and unkempt. Those are just the facts. So if you want it to look organized and still show your style, minimize content.

Amber M Paez

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