6 Party Destinations Every Student Has Gotta Hit Up In 2016

Partying is fun. Isn't it fun? It is fun. Imagine doing all of your partying somewhere else? Imagine! A different country even. Totally different vibe, culture, geography, weather... Amazing!

Here's the party destinations of 2016. All you need now is your squad-bitches, money, and that your liver is decent-enough shape!



Deserves to be as well known as the others; A gem of a place. You won't regret it. Accommodation: Most Affordable (Per Night)- $17- 34/€15- 30. Alcohol: Typical Price Of A Beer-  $1.50- 3/€1.30- 2.50. Activity To Do: Experience the floating nightlife as you visit the Riverboat Nightclubs, obviously! Actually is as cool as it sounds!



A clubber's paradise. Bit price-y, though, so be warned. Has seen a resurgence in chic, luxury-based holidaying, helped in no small part by people like the Kardashian's visiting. Accommodation: Most Affordable (Per Night)- $29- 57/€25- 50. Alcohol: Typical Price Of A Beer- $3- 4.50/€2.50- 4. Activity To Do: Visit one of their famous night clubs. Expensive, but has to be done at least once.



Picture the Full-Moon parties, the beaches, the scenery, the sun, the friends, the substances (By which I mean alcohol, obviously). This place is filthy cheap once you tackle flights. Accommodation: Most Affordable (Per Night)- $3- 7 (dollars, American) €3- 6 (euros). Alcohol: typical Price Of A Beer- $1- 2/€.80c- 1.50. Activity To Do: Full Moon Party. Obviously.




Not just the preserve of family holidays, a truly mad party centre, with clubs open till seven in the morning Accommodation: most Affordable (Per Night)- $23- 58/€20- 50. Alcohol: Typical Price Of A Beer-  $3.50- 4/€3- 3.50. Activity To Do: Hire a scooter to get around and get a better idea of the place. So chill...





This place is so cool. Just go. Don't even think about it. Accommodation: Most Affordable (Per Night)- $15- 80/ €13- 70. Alcohol: Typical Price Of A Beer- $3- 5/ €2.50- 4.30. Activity To Do: Walk The Berlin Wall. Undeniably moving; plus get your passport stamped at Checkpoint Charlie.


It's like Berlin's upbeat, equally cool cousin. Enough said. Accommodation: Most Affordable (Per Night)- $17- 80/ €15- 70. Alcohol: Typical Price Of A Beer- $3- 5/ €2.50- 4.30. Activity To Do: Explore the city through Tapas. Look up the best/cheap places to eat Tapas in different parts of the city. Just be careful of pickpockets on Las Ramblas!


Video: Top 10 Party Destinations in Europe



Credit: StudentUniverse

Stephen Brennan

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