6 Tips For Hiding Your Hangover In Work

6 Tips For Hiding Your Hangover In Work

You decided drinks the night before a shift in work would be fine, after all you'll only have a few.

Snap forward to the next morning, your eyes peel open slowly and your head feels like its full of sand and fag ash. You gingerly, incrementally haul yourself upright. All the while cursing the cataclysmic amount of drinking you subjected your feeble body to the night before.

You drag yourself into work, now you have to make it through your shift without being found out.

1. Wear glasses



If you have a pair of glasses, wear them. They will help hide your hideous blood-shot eyes, the stygian black rings around your eyes, and the depths of the sorry in your eyes.


2. Don't drink too much coffee

You may think that coffee is your friend, settling your stomach and kick-starting your brain with a caffeine. Coffee could be the worst thing to put into your body when you're trying to hide your hangover.

First of all, each cup you swill down increases the severity of the inevitable caffeine crash you'll have endure. On top of that caffeine is a diuretic, so the more you drink, the more dehydrated you'll get and the worse your head will feel.

3. Keep moving

You may want to simply find somewhere comfortable to sit and spend the day wallowing in your own self-pity and bad breath, do not give into this temptation.

Sloth is your enemy; if you don't keep your blood pumping it will stagnate in your veins and your hangover will manifest with a vengeance for all to see.



4. Don't get too warm

What time did you get to bed at last night? Did you even sleep? You are now doubtless struggling to stay awake, sagging under the weight of your own torpor. To fight this you need to stay sharp, open a window, let in the cold air. It will cut through the soporific muggy warmth and keep you uncomfortable, but lucid.

5. Water

You need to wash your sullied and unlovely body out. The drinking from the night before has left you dehydrated and withered, you need to replace all your lost fluids as quickly as possible. It will.


6. Get as much work as possible done early

You're working on a timer, your energy reserves will rapidly deplete throughout the day. As soon as you start work try to batter through as much of it as possible before you run out of steam and collapse into a heap of dry-mouth and ennui.



Kyle Mulholland

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