6 Useful Excuses to Give to the Chuggers

We know how it is. It’s the end of the month, you’ve nipped into town to get some reduced-to-clear dinner, and a man in brightly coloured-clothing rounds you up, to talk about why you aren’t donating eight euro a month to his cause. The chuggers (Charity Muggers) are back with a vengeance, and will stop at nothing – bribing, coaxing and flirting you out of your euros with their persuasive ways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely all for donating money to charity, but on my own terms, and won’t be guilt-tripped into it on the street. Here’s just a few excuses and aversion techniques to try out when they’re trying to drag you over the coals.


Aint nobody got time fo dat.


The Jenna Marbles.


 Just throw ‘em the face.


Listen Thoughtfully


Before making a speedy exit.



Pretend to be invisible.


Engage them in a conversation topic of your choosing.







Julia O' Mahony

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