Classic '90s Movies To Satisfy Your Film Buff Friends

It's a weeknight and you want - nay, deserve - to vegetate with your mates. However, there's a catch: whenever you try to choose a movie, one friend always gets in the way. He's a film buff, a bit of a connoisseur, and he's guaranteed to take the piss out of your selections, because a) he's already seen it or b) "it's supposed to be terrible." There's only one way to satisfy a person like that: offer him something nostalgic, a cinematic classic that never gets old. These '90s movie classics should keep him quiet for at least two hours...

1) Gremlins

A must-see, tongue-in-cheek monster movie, courtesy of Steven Spielberg and Home Alone 2's Chris Columbus. With a duo like that behind it, it was always going to be brilliant. Our hero is the Furby-inspiring Gizmo and his sick little siblings, who make us go "awww" and freak us out in equal measure. They also educate us about the evils of midnight snacking and regular bathing. Thanks, Gremlins!

2) Jurassic Park

Another brainchild of the infallible Spielberg. Jurassic Park blew global film audiences' minds, with some of the first photorealistic digital effects ever seen on cinema screens. The T-Rex has never been so shit-hot.


3) The Matrix

Not only a total mind-bender, making you question the very nature of our world, but one of the most action-packed, sunglasses-laden movies ever created. Plus, who could argue that 'bullet time' is not the coolest thing to come out of the 90s.

4) Independence Day

A reminder of why Will Smith deserves his $20 million per movie paychecks. I mean, who else could save the world from an alien invasion while cracking jokes with the lanky, nervy legend Jeff Goldblum (also in Jurassic Park)... This pair has so much chemistry, Heisenberg himself would applaud them.


5) Titanic

A whirlwind romance on an epic scale, a tragedy that echoed for a lifetime and, for many of our generation, a welcome introduction to Leonardo Di Caprio. Great flick.

6) Dazed and Confused

Set in the '70s, this is the quintessential coming-of-age story about hanging out, cruising and general teenage fun. Plus, it features a young Matthew McConaughey in his absolute element.


7) Se7en

Directed by The Social Network's David Fincher, Se7en is a thriller about a pair of detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, both on top form. They're hunting a particularly kooky serial killer, who targets people who commit the Seven Deadly Sins. The viewer gets extra points if they figure out who plays the villain before he arrives on screen. Great movie but a tad on the gory side, not advisable to watch when stuffing your face with popcorn and Snickers bars.


You and your mates need something done. But one of you decides to let the side down. His excuse? Hunger has hit him hard and turned him into an utterly insufferable and nasty little… GREMLIN! Snickers will sort him out. Now sort yourself out by winning 1 of 100s of free cinema passes! To enter FREETEXT Snickers To 50400.


Seán Kenehan
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Seán has been told by some that he resembles a young Hugh Laurie, but more people have tried to hire him as a Noddy impersonator. Something of a film fan, a pub quiz is one of the few situations in which he is even remotely useful. Seán enjoys the occasional beverage of the alcohol variety, Salt & Vinegar crisps, and referring to himself in the third person.

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