6 Easy Ways To Save €100 This Month

6 Easy Ways To Save €100 This Month

A hundred quid is nothing to turn your nose up at. From splurges to putting it away for a rainy day, sometimes you just need to be wise and stop with the obsessive spending. That said, I above anyone fully understand that sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult to save money when you're scrimping by on a day to day basis as it is. But not to worry, it can and WILL be done. So get ready, because there are corners to be cut and savings to be made. Here are 6 easy ways to save €100 this month:

1) Cut down on using public transport and walk everywhere, if possible.

Those extra bits and bobs of spare change that you’ve got floating around the place might not seem that significant when you’re running late or are severely hungover and can just about make the bus, but sometimes, you need to grab some perspective and use your head. Take the spare change that you use for buses and trains and throw it into a sealed jar or basically anything that you can’t open without serious effort and within a month, I guarantee you’ll have a nice wad of cash (plus your fitness will have improved tenfold).

2) STOP buying takeaway coffees.

And just make yourself a cup of instant stuff instead, because when you add it all up, you’re probably spending well over fifty or sixty quid a month on hot liquid. Get a grip and stop splurging because really, nobody ‘needs’ a low fat, extra hot, dry soy latte that badly in the first place…

3) Cook in bulk.

They say that preparation is key and as it transpires, they were really onto something. Failing to prepare means that you’re essentially preparing to fail in terms of budget, not to mention nutrition. Set aside an hour twice a week and cook the living daylights out of everything healthy you can get your hands on. Stir fries, curries, pasta bakes, stews or basically, the cheapest, most easy, but nutritious meals you can whip up. Not only will you save on takeaways, stick some into a lunchbox and you’ll have a cheap and healthy lunch too.

4) Replace cinema dates with Netflix.

Now, I personally love nothing more than a few hours spent absorbed in some film in the cinema, but when you're counting the pennies, it's a luxury that sadly, must be cast aside. Instead, grab a few (hundred) blankets, dim the lights and Netflix the life out of it. You'll have the added advantage of eating as much chocolate and napping whenever the boring bits kick in.

5) Swap your hairdresser and beautician for DIY jobs and student offers.

Sure, you might think that you've earned that overpriced haircut and those tinted eyebrows of yours, but your empty bank balance would tend to disagree with you on that one. Most hair salons or hair schools need models for their trainees (you don't ACTUALLY need to be a model), and it'll cost you little or nothing. Same goes for your beauty needs, doing them yourself isn't as much fun, sure, but it comes at a fraction of the cost and you'll still (probably) look great in the end.

6) And finally, give up that expensive clothes habit of yours.

You might think that a quick stop off in Penneys doesn't add up in the grand scheme of things, but you're very, very wrong. Avoid clothes shops altogether if you have the self-control of a child on Christmas morning. Clear out your wardrobe and rediscover old stuff that still works. Try clothes swapping with your friends. Browse in charity shops. Just DO NOT blow your money on yet another new top, you hear?


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