7 People Every Young Guy Needs In His Life

There are 7 stable friends that every guy needs in his life. All the other types can come and go, but as long as he hangs onto these distinct people, he'll be alright.

7. The Tragic Hero.

This guy makes you feel instantly better about yourself. Sometimes you can't help but pity him. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the nicest guys in the world and you love hanging out with him. He's a trier, but he's the unfortunate guy who never gets the girl, the job, the car and never achieves anything significant in his life. Nobody openly mocks him for his failures, and you can't quite pinpoint where he is going wrong either. Maybe it boils down to luck or the way of the Universe? Who knows? One thing you can be sure of is that, no matter how bad your life gets, at least you're not the tragic hero.

6. The Comedian.

The Comedian is another must-have guy you need in your group. Not the "oh my God he's making that same joke again guy," but the effortlessly funny guy who makes you laugh without sometimes intending to. He brightens up your days. He looks slightly funny, and maybe that's what makes you laugh so much. But he's got a great personality and as a result does pretty well with the ladies. HE makes an excellent wingman as he is never afraid of igniting a conversation with a bunch of girls and he's the best ice-breaker you know, which is just the type of "in" that you need when talking to girls at a bar. The Wingwoman as mentioned before, although fantastic at her job, is not always around. So the Comedian can make a great substitution in this case.


5. The Married Guy.

He doesn't have to be married in the literal sense, and often he is the guy who has been with his girlfriend since before you can remember. Their relationship has earned its tenure and your friends often refer to them as one person. Marriage is certainly down the line for the two of them. The Married Guy is almost by definition, much more responsible than you are. His relationship hasn't made him boring, per se, but he certainly enjoys the more composed and relaxing side of life. This works in your benefit too because you always need a break away from your full-time crazy friends, and you can actually have a proper conversation with him without being called a queer, weirdo or lunatic. Ah, friends...

4. The Wingwoman.

The Wingwoman is an underestimated and, more importantly, under-utilized weapon in any guy's arsenal. The Wingwoman is always better than the Wingman, whether you like to hear it or not. She isn't shy about striking up conversations with girls that you like, and you never have to worry about her acting on her own selfish interests because, by all accounts, she's totally straight. Although if she did get involved in some lesbian action while working as your Wingwoman, that'd be pretty awesome. Everybody knows that the best person to sell you to a group of women is another woman! Also, the sheer fact that you're with a woman at a bar subliminally heightens your social value in the subconscious minds of other women at the bar. But she's a great buzz to hang out with so even if you don't manage to pull a worldie, you still have a great time with her.


3. The Hard Head.

He's a stubborn guy with a short-ish fuse. He's not like that all the time because that would be insanely annoying, but your core group of friends needs him for those moments of indecisiveness. He'll be the one to put his foot down and decide which movie you're going to see, what bar you'll be visiting and arranges all the times and travel arrangements for these excursions. This is good, because you can plant your ass on the couch while he does all the organising and send a simple "K" text when he provides you with the details.

2. The Old Guy.

Usually the old guy is just a couple of years older than you, but in maturity years, he is light years ahead of you. He's got more life experience than you and he's always a great go-to guy for any problems that you are currently going through. At the very least, even if his advice is horrendous, you can still learn from his life mistakes and take a different route yourself.

1. The Mother of the Group.

Normally, this girl is the partner of the Married Guy, but not always. She is there as a surrogate mother to you and your idiot friends. Some might see her as a bit of a party pooper, but she definitely gets you and your friends out of some sticky situations, and prohibits you from engaging in some borderline illegal activities that you would most likely regret the next morning. She gets you and your friends glasses of water when you've drank too much and cooks you late night/early morning soakage. Unlike your actual mother, you can never disappoint her with your poor life choices, near-alcoholism or immature outbursts and antics. Ultimately, you love her for it.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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