7 Reasons You Need to Start Driving Right Now

7 Reasons You Need to Start Driving Right Now

Have you been intending to learn to drive forever, but still haven’t gotten around to it? Or you’re just not that bothered about learning at all? I’m here to tell you to sign up for that theory test right now, because driving is awesome. It doesn't come cheap, but if you’ve got the means, it’s completely worth it.

1. It’s not as scary as you think.

Many of us put off learning to drive because we’re nervous about what could go wrong. It’s definitely daunting, but once you start, the fear will just go away. Hillstarts? Three-point turns? Easy-peasy; nothing you can't handle.

2. You’ll acquire a new skill.

Just like learning any new skill, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and have a great sense of achievement. Soon you’ll feel like a total badass who can’t be stopped.

3. No more public transport.


Does this even have to be explained?! Being able to drive will free you from the horrible tedium of taking public transport. Loud, smelly buses will be a distant memory.

4. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Impromptu roadtrip with your friends? Done. Midnight fast-food run? Easy. All of the cliché fantasies you’ve ever dreamed of will come true once you start driving. Best. Summer. Ever.

5. People who drive are sexy.

I don’t think this one needs too much explanation. Get ready - you're about to become irresistible.


6. You won’t have to rely on lifts.

Skimping off your friends and family for lifts all the time gets tiresome. If you drive, you won’t need to worry about annoying your loved ones anymore. Plus, if you give people lifts, they’ll owe you a favour back. It's win-win for everyone.

7. Independence.

This is probably the best thing about learning to drive. Being able to transport yourself from one place to another is weirdly empowering, and it will make you feel, like, totally mature. So what are you waiting for? Get behind that wheel and start driving! (After you pass your theory test, of course.)

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