7 Reasons Why The Train Is Better Than The Bus

Were various methods of public transport to battle it out, rail would always win as the most stress-free and relaxing way to travel. After all, who in their right mind enjoys sitting in someone else's shoulder drool on a bus for four hours? NOT I! Here are 7 reasons why you should ditch the bus and climb aboard a train. Rail, we ch ch choooooooose you!


A seat with a view.


Train rides are as much about what you see along the way, as where you're going. Goodbye dull motorways and rusty car neighbours. On a train you can watch the world as it flies by your window. Fall into a daydream as you gaze off into the lush green hills of the charming countryside. Cheesy? Most certainly, but also kind of relaxing. Some of the best views are on the Galway train, because after Oranmore the coastal stretch is really beautiful and on a good day the view will stretch as far as the Burren in Clare. Get your hashtags at the ready folks...



Easy Access to...well everywhere.


As cosmopolitan as we pretend to be, Ireland's a pretty miniscule country, so getting around should be pretty damn easy. With train stations close to almost every major college, you won't have far to go to get a train. (Perfect for when the drink induced dehydration makes walking almost impossible.) Train travel is the best way to guarantee you'll get from point A to point B, as easy as pie, simple. All major train stations are located in the heart of the city centre meaning you’ll be home in no time at all (where there's proper food and warmth awaiting you).


The all important snacks.



Any form of transport that has a SNACK CART is a winner for me. Mini Pringles and bottle of vino? Don't mind if I do. Pre-drinks and post-college snacking has never looked so appealing. On what other mode of transport would you have a table just sitting there, ready for your snack spread? Wouldn't get that in your mate's cramped Fiesta... Three cheers to that.


Luxury leg room for lazing.


Possibly one of the biggest advantages of travelling by train is the luxury accommodation (look, we're students ok). Tables, reading lights, outlets and Wi-Fi make for game changer travel perks. Also, if you book online, you and your mates can reserve your seats in advance so you won’t be left sitting beside a total stranger. Because yes, we understand that sometimes a person just doesn't want to make small talk with Mary in seat 7b (soz Mary).



On the other hand, if you're in the mood, trains are pretty sociable places.


We get that sometimes all you want to do is curl up in the corner and not speak to anyone, but every so often you spot that babe in the seat opposite and your phone just happens to have died and you REALLY need to know the time. Sure, sure smooth mover, I'm not hating the player, nor am I hating the game, I'm just pointing out how much easier it all is on a train to make awkward small talk and laugh at someone's terrible jokes. *lol*


No waitin', no hatin.'



There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic, meaning one of the absolute best things about being on a train is the constant movement and lack of traffic. No listening to beeping horns and road rage, just you and the soothing murmur of the tracks below you. So take that road ragers of the world, they see me rollin', they hatin'. (Sorry)


You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.


I'm not suggesting that you should dance on the train (weirdo), I'm merely saying that the option is basically there, just in case and all that. See, the thing with trains is that you can move around, there's a toilet (sweet relief), lots of space to stretch your weary little legs and loads of space in which to pan out and nap, in case all of that tires you out. I rail-y like the sound of that, just saying....

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