8 Of The Best Steals From O'Neills This Black Friday

8 Of The Best Steals From O'Neills This Black Friday

With Black Friday weekend officially upon us, and whatever little cash you have presumably burning a hole in your pocket, we've decided to take a look at some of the best deals Irish sportswear company O'Neills has on offer.

8 of the best O'Neills Black Friday deals

This t-shirt has a rugby feel to it, and is perfect if your too scabby to fork out for an official jersey. It's €15.60

This dapper looking hoodie will set you back €44


Only 48 beans for this class retro style top.

This Holland jacket is perfect for those cold winter months, and will only cost €44.

Just the 32 shekels for these slim fit Hugo Boss tracksuit bottoms.


€14.40 for these leggings.

€32 for this women's crew neck top.

black friday deals

20 spondoolicks for 18 inch grip bag.

o'neills black friday

This women's vest is 20 quid, and would be ideal for hitting the gym or just hitting the couch.

O'Neills has 20% off all items not on sale, and you can visit the website here.

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