8 Part-Time Jobs Available Around Ireland Now

8 Part-Time Jobs Available Around Ireland Now

What with Freshers week and the need to go out at every single opportunity to take the edge of college actually starting back up again and people expecting you to do work your bank account probably reads like something of a desolate wasteland at the moment. Well, given that we live in a neo-liberal capitalist society, the one surefire way to repair this situation and get back to rolling in so much liquid assets you need water-wings to stay afloat is to exchange your labour for money in a transaction known as 'employment'. Have we got your back on this with eight part-time jobs located all around Ireland for you to get stuck into? Well, that would've been a pretty oddly specific question to pose if the answer wasn't 'damn right'.

Peruse these at your leisure.

Athlone - Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger, both a lovely store, and a description of what would be the most terrifying predator in existence, is looking for seasonal staff at a number of its stores around the country including Athlone. Click here yo'!

Kilkenny - Regatta

'Outdoor Clothing' company Regatta are looking for part-time staff in their Kilkenny store. When you're employed feel free to raise the issue that, in a way, isn't all clothing 'Outdoor Clothing'? Check it!

Dublin - KC Peaches


KC Peaches are looking for some people to shack up with their catering team. You could be one of them. Swing your cursor this way!

Galway - Toys4you

This will in many ways be fulfilling a childhood dream of working Santa's grotto, except, unlike the elves, you will have basic working rights and not ruled by a malevolent, obese man with a beard - I'm assuming, having not seen their manager. Toy it up!

Maynooth - Glenroyal Hotel Receptionist

If you're studying in Maynooth then you will not believe your luck, this hotel is geographically also quite near Maynooth. If you are a fan of welcoming people to things but feel this passion has never progressed beyond being a mere hobby, why not make a job of it as a receptionist? Check (it) out!

Dublin - Ashton Dog Pound


Ashton dog pound are looking for a kennel hand, someone to help look after the animals and clean out the cages etc. Here 'tis.

Limerick - Boots

Boots are gonna be hiring some seasonal part-time staff. If you would like one of these people hired to be you, simply follow the protocol outlined thusly.

Cork - Elverys

Elverys are looking for a 'Sports Advisor' for their Cork store. To both sell sporting goods to people and advise them on what sporting goods to buy hit this up!

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