The 9 People On Snapchat Who Will DO YOUR HEAD IN

The 9 People On Snapchat Who Will DO YOUR HEAD IN

By now Snapchat is the most popular, daily-used form of communication and everyone is using it.

Even people's parents are getting in on it.

However, the following types of people are wrecking everyone's head and slowly losing their Snapchat friends. And of course their actual friends, if they even exist anymore...

1. The 'I'm a mad yoke' snapchatter

Possibly the most annoying of all users. The “I'm a mad yoke” Snapchatter bombards you with snap after snap of them taking part in very common social outings; like drinking.

These often include captions like, 'What assignment?' (GOOD ONE) and 'drinks during the week, sure why not?' (INSANE)




2. The alcoholic snapchatter

This user is probably new to both college and drinking, or else they are simply wreck-the-heads.

Snaps include their drinks, their friends' drinks, drinks behind the bar and even random drinks they're found on empty tables. All of this is accompanied with captions like, 'On a mad one' and 'out again with my girlos, YOLO'.


3. The video snapchatter


The video snapchatter has many repetitive features such as recording their friend and asking them to 'do something funny', to no success. They're also fond of swaying side to side singing the wrong lyrics to songs. Just no.


4. The “I'm great and I know it ” snapchatter

These include snaps such as, 'I'm such a morning person', 'productive day in the library' and “week 4 of the Paleo diet going great”. WE JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

Leave us to our sleeping in, missing lectures and binge eating – thank you.

5. The selfie snapchatter


It's pretty self explanatory. Selfies are becoming increasingly common, but many are crossing the acceptable threshold. Selfies taking the piss or containing an actual point within the snap are grand but other then that, no thanks.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.48.44

6.The serial snapchatter

These are snapchatters who document their entire day. These include, 'On the bus', 'raining :(' and 'look at my dog'. I don't give a shite and neither does anyone else for that matter.

7. The healthy food snapchatter

A quinoa salad with goji berries and avocado dressing does not appeal to me. Please stop sending me pictures of your green sludge, thanks.



8. The fast food snapchatter

Very similar to the healthy food snapchatter, the fast food snapchatter is equally as irritating. This is commonly exasperated if the said person is skinny. Feck off.


9. And finally... the gym snapchatter

How nice for you that you're fit. I thoroughly enjoy your snaps of treadmills, your running shoes and your super-cool new whey protein. I swear I don't hope your laces become loose and you slip and fall.



Emma Sweeney

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