The 9 Most Annoying Texters

With modern day technology, texting, of course, should be a right of passage to all. But there are 9 types of texters where their so called right should be stripped from them. These phone owners simply annoy the c**p out of me. This needs to end. If you find yourself getting angry from time to time at a fellow texter, take a look at the list to see which one your friend is. And, maybe, together as a nation, strong and direct, we can solve this shivering problem.



1) The Horde Texter

This texter usually is confused on a Friday night and wondering where the party is heading. Rather than asking close friends where the decadent night will be held, he/she decides to send a mass text with the phrase "U out tonight? X". But rather than sending it to one member of each group, they send it to all. The horde texter is clearly just trying to find out the best location for this big night, but if lots of people are together and receive the same may be slightly awkward.

2) The Texting Configuration


The texting configuration involves many annoying texters. Usually residing at a table for pre drinks or in a nightclub. Each texter is on their phone at the same time. It is silent and nobody cares who is around them, they just got to text. Until one friend brings this catastrophe to everyones attention. You are out having a good time, act like it party people.

3) The Danger Doublé

The danger doublé is a texter who is a fan of the double message. You know sometimes when you're busy or sitting at home not feeling the best and answering your phone is the last thing you want to do. Getting that *ping* for that message indicating you have a missed call is all well and fine, but, is the voicemail really necessary? I know you've rang. I see the missed called. I see the text saying you rang. And, now I see I have a voicemail. Calm down my danger doublé, I'll get back to you shortly.

4) The Badger


The badger seems like a lovely person. At first they are persistant, texting you mid week to see what your plans are for the weekend. You play it cool and reply: "Ye heading out sat you?." To which they never reply. Oh what a tease The Badger is.

5) The Quantity Conundrum

We all know one of these. Instead of sending a long message with all the information they need to convey to you, ten little messages will suffice. This is not okay. My phone went off 10 times in a row in my lecture. Send it in one God dammit.

6) The Keen Texter


It's a Sunday morning. You are hungover. To be frank you are bloody dying. You and a friend of yours are texting away, hahahah-ing about the previous nights antics. The conversation is coming to a close. It was pleasant but now it is over...or so you thought. The Keen Texter keeps going and going. There is only one thing to do: "I gtg talk later bye xoxo".

7) The Showmance

Listen, we're happy for you. We are delighted you are so in love. And we get it, this is the "big time" for you. But we don't care that he calls you baby boo and we certainly don't care that he loves you more than life itself. So, please refrain from showing us the text messages. Thank you.

8) The Scene Stealer


I've waited a long time to come and see this movie. It's been awhile. Saving up my part time wage all for a night of overeating and giant Coca Cola in the cinema. Is it necessary for the guy in front of me to text the whole way through the movie. Your phone may be on silent but I can see you and I can see that flash. You cannot hide from me.

9) The Minimalistic Texter

I'm not saying everyone has to have an iPhone or a smartphone. I'm just saying it is annoying when you have to wait for multiple messages to come through. Not only that but because you are at a limited disadvantage, with your Nokia 113, you have to use a lot of abbreviations: LOL, jkjk, brb, btw, wtf, ttyl, 2b, g2g, totes, yolo. You get where I'm going with this...


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Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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