The 9 Best Exercises For Shedding College Weight

Yes I know, you thought you were getting away with the take aways and the frozen pizzas and the Koka noodles until BAM! "Why the f*ck aren't my jeans zipping up? That's so weird. I'll just have a leggings day."


But leggings day turned into leggings week, didn't it? And now you have to wear long sleeved tops on nights out and make a weird downward upward face every time someone takes a picture, otherwise you've more chins than a Chinese phonebook. Yeah, we know. We too have faced this cruel effects of delicious food.


Exercise is a pain in the ass, let's be honest, but to be fair to it - it works. Three times a week and you can feel waaay less guilty about those curry chips. Here are the top exercises you can be doing to lose the muffin top, we're sorry it's come to this.

Jumping rope (120 skips per minute)



The burn: 667-990 calories/hour
The bonus: As it turns out, this little rope is actually a big-time fat burner. This is great because they cost pretty much nothing and you can do it anywhere. Get two pairs and drag a friend. So much easier.

Running (10 min/mile)


The burn: 566-839/hour
The bonus: Another cheap option and it's also very good for the mind. An hour where you don't look at your phone? Can you remember the last time you did that... awake?!


Kettlebell intervals


The burn: 554-822 calories/hour
The bonus: Apparently, kettlebells can keep the afterburn going for 36 hours after you leave the gym which is great news if, like me, you enjoy a post gym burrito.




The burn: 582-864 calories/hour
The bonus: Lots of College gyms have classes and kick boxing is a popular one with students. Burning fat and self defence, win win.

Stationary bike (at a vigorous pace)


The burn: 498-738 calories/hour
The bonus: Spinning classes are easy to find and might be 45 mins of hell, but they tone up your bum and legs beautifully.


Rowing machine (150 watts)


The burn: 481-713 calories/hour
The bonus: Toned arms and shoulders, great for those halter neck tops.

Stairs (77 steps/minute)



The burn: 452-670 calories/hour
The bonus: Find some outdoor steps and go for it, or just take the stairs in every building you're in. Awkward lift conversations be damned!

Power yoga


The burn: 226-335 calories/hour
The bonus: Besides toning you up like a beast, yoga is great for mindfulness and definitely worth the investment of a few quid. Namaste bitches.

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