9 Haircuts That Every Irish Guy Has Had

Just like clothes, haircuts also go in and out of fashion, and depending on your age and where you live, some of these styles will have been more popular than others. No doubt there's some photos of most of you with a few of these haircuts that you wish you hadn't uploaded to Facebook 5 years ago.

Short Back And Sides

The most common request in barbers around the country, it is particularly popular at the moment, with 90% of guys trying to pull off the exact same haircut. I blame Geordie Shore.

The 'V'

Ah, the V. Most popular during my school days, it required extremely short sides cut in the shape of a V, and one tub of hair gel per day.


Mullets seem to go in and out of fashion roughly every 20 years. They were popular in the 80s, and then again in the 00s, but the key difference between the two was the introduction of a straightener to the equation. I am extremely proud to say that I never had a mullet.



Any guy who wanted to pretend he was a cool American surfer 'dude' sported this style, with it being particularly popular among the rugby population.

Gel + Straightener + Fringe

There's probably an actual name for this style but this is the only way I can think to describe it. Was often paired with a mullet, and required as much, if not more, gel as was needed for a 'V'. Again this hasn't been popular for a few years now.

2 All Over

Most guys had this haircut when they were younger, when they didn't really care what their hair was like and their mother just decided to cut it like this because it was easiest to maintain.


Blonde Tips

A favourite among GAA players, when wearing a checked shirt, boot-cut jeans and brown shoes, you couldn't go wrong. Actually yes. Yes you could go wrong. Very wrong


Not too dissimilar from the blonde tips, with the real difference being that all of the hair strand is dyed rather than just the tips, as the name would suggest. I know it's extremely complicated but I'm trying to make it as simple as possible so hopefully you can follow this description.


More than a few gingers have tried this tactic to try and avoid the ridicule that comes with having red hair. Unfortunately, they never really fool anyone, and in my opinion, they should just embrace the hair they were given. Christina Hendricks is a redhead and we all fancy her, men and women alike.

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