Get 'Litt Up:' 9 Signs You Have An Obsession With Suits

Netflix is as Netflix does. The latest thing that has been vacuuming up my spare time is Suits. Yes, I know I'm late to the party, but don’t you worry, I am well on my way to catching up. So much so that I have a self-diagnosed Suits obsession. And I can list out the symptoms. If any of these are familiar to you, join the ever expanding club.

1) Denial.

“What is everyone talking about this stupid programme for? It’s about lawyers. Not even sexy, criminal ones. How can they make multiple seasons of a show about corporate lawyers? How boring!” – My actual thoughts before eventually clicking on the link and descending into the depths of obsession.

2) I don’t know if I get it. But I guess I’ll watch the next one…

And so it begins....I’m not sure how they do it, but the show’s creators make an office job revolving around business and financial law look sexy, fast-paced and exciting. I’m beginning to question my career choices. I really want one of those glass offices….

3) Genuinely stressing out about someone finding out Mike Ross’s secret.

No spoilers from me here but Mike Ross has a huge secret. And it seems to always be on the verge of being found out. There has been more than one occasion where I've had to stay up to watch the next episode just to make sure that he keeps his job. That’s right, I am actually losing sleep over this. A fictional character’s fictional secret. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

4) Hating Louis Litt.

As the resident junior partner and slave driver in series one, Louis Litt is the recipient of all of my ill will at times. From consistently trying to destroy associates souls, to his constant battle with Harvey, to his aching desire to become senior partner, Louis Litt is the perfect villain. Smug is an understatement.

5) Wondering if I could ever look like Rachel Zane in a pencil skirt.

Rachel Zane is the hottest thing in Suits. And she kind of makes me feel like I wouldn’t mind being a paralegal and getting to wear pencil skirts and pink lipstick all the time. But I highly doubt that a real paralegal would look that bangable. Especially if they were working an office job for 15 hours a day. Maybe this isn’t such a realistic aspiration. But she also has a glass office…. #TheDream

6) Harvey Spector’s hair.

And his suits. And his killer instinct. Harvey makes me and any other red-blooded woman go weak at the knees. I’m pretty convinced that we would be the ideal couple. He likes winning, I like winning. PERFECT. Oh, except for one little thing; HE’S NOT REAL. You know the obsession is reaching dangerous levels when you seriously consider the reason that Spector refuses to settle down is that he's waiting for you to arrive in his life. Someone call the men in white coats.

7) Loving Louis Litt.

By season 2, all your hatred of Louis has dissipated. He'll become your favourite part of the show. From his love of his Dictaphone, his mysterious secretary Norma and his desire to just be part of the team, Louis is AWESOME. I can pinpoint the exact moment that I became a Louis devotee as the episode where he took his cat to the dentist. You could almost say that I was “Litt – Up” (watch the series and you’ll get it)

8) Seriously believing that you now have a basic knowledge of corporate law.

This is the depths of your obsession. I can tell you this because I'm there. If anyone has a problem with any kind of contract, whether it be employment, a landlord dispute or really anything that can be put under the corporate category, I’m your girl. Not a word of a lie. I've found myself poring over contracts, highlighter in hand. I've basically decided that I now have valid experience that makes me somewhat qualified to offer sub-par legal advice to anyone that will listen.

9) Being completely over invested in Donna and Harvey's relationship.

No really, never have two people needed to bang more. The tension is unbearable at times, plus Donna is basically the only person who can rein Harvey in when he becomes a teensy bit over confident (Read: always).

So there you have it. Nine steps to general delusion and severe obsession that is almost unavoidable as soon as you perform that fateful Netflix click. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a pencil skirt to squeeze into!

Hannah Callaghan

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