9 Things Not To Do In Your First Week of College

College is just beginning. Just remember that some of the mistakes you make now could stick with you for life. You don't want to be that guy or girl that people want to avoid. It's a tough world out there and college is a war zone when it comes to surpassing your first week with your dignity in tacked. Heres how to avoid looking stupid on your first week in college.

1) Don't Let Your Standards Loose

Getting with multiple partners in your first week in college will not stand to you. If you're a girl you will be the town bicycle. If you're a guy you will be known to all as a man whore. The guys may think their friend 'the man whore' is a legend, but girls will disagree. As much as we deny it, it kills us girls to be with a guy that has been with any of our friends. So, boys and girls keep your piece in your pants alright?

2) Don't be closed minded

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. And, there is nothing worse than someone with no backbone. But there is a time and a place to share your opinions. Your first week in college shouldn't be spent being choosy about who your friends are going to be. Just be yourself and you will find many. In terms of opinions of the more serious nature, the hard truth is, no one is going to care what religion you are or what government party you support. Unless you just support party parties.


3) Don't run your mouth off

Nobody likes a bitch. And nobody likes a bitch less than a bitch herself. So nobody wins do they? Even if you have to sellotape your mouth shut, it is much better than being that guy who's a prick or that girl that doesn't stop talking about her friends. Stay classy and, if you are finding this unbearable, hold off the bitching until you have locked down good friends.

4) Don't Make Too Many Friends


Don't be that person that meets a group of their new friends friends walking through college and you automatically think you're all BFFs. This does not give you the right to immediately return to your laptop in the library and add all of them on Facebook. For all men and women taking this giant leap into adult life, for God sake, put down your phone.

5) Don't get dolled up on the first day


It is your first day to make an impression and I agree with you there. But it is not a time to dress up to the nines, with enough makeup for a night out and a brand new outfit that screams "LOOK AT ME!". This is not necessary. I'm sure you look absolutely gorgeous but you will have to maintain this for the whole year. So, if you look normal enough on your first day you can keep improving as the days go on and then wow them all at the first College ball. Don't do too much too fast!

6) Don't be late for your first lecture


Two scenarios can develop out of this, you either a) don't bother getting out of bed as you can't face the awkwardness of walking down those stairs or b) you get to the lecture hall to see the door is closed and you run to the cafeteria in utter panic. You have achieved nothing and missing your first lecture isn't the best start. Just go to bed early, set that alarm and get out of there. Work by by night...

7) Don't fear the front

When you do make it to that lecture, don't fear the front. If everyone sits at the back the teacher will either get you all to move to the front or ask people at the back questions first. It's your call but I would suggest the front to avoid embarrassment.

8) Get out of old habits


If you live away from home don't call your parents at every tiny blunder. And, if you're still living at home, try and come home a bit less regularly for dinner. I say this because if you keep things up so regularly your parents will get very angry when you don't show up. Keep it casual. Then when you don't show up because you decided last minute to eat with your friends it won't be such a big deal.

9) Don't mess up your sleeping pattern

Do what you want but try not to f**k up your sleeping pattern too much. Too much or too little sleep could get you very ill. Party as much as you want but don't put the nights you are going out directly before the morning of a 9am lecture. A students got to sleep.

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Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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