9 Things A Trinity Student Is Sick Of Hearing

I came to college looking for a good time, a decent degree in something I was actually willing to put effort into and a grand group of people to be around. I've happened to find all these but at the same time I seem to have fallen into a twenty-thousand strong clique of people who seem to be pigeon-holed 24/7. Let's get straight to the point, it doesn't make uni any easier when every non TCD-student is saying,

"Trinnerz 4 Winnerz!"

Seriously? This isn't high school. We don't sing it like a national anthem, we don't have it plastered over the walls of our campus and although I may not have been there long, the only time I've ever heard it said with any conviction is from people on the lash or with sarcasm so powerful it would kill Bishop Brennan's assistant.

"Yous D4s are so posh"


Here hang on a minute so. Firstly, we have people who'd rip on them even more than you and secondly, unlike what everyone seems to think, we've got a bucketload of stereotypes, not just that one. We're diverse that way. Most of us scrape by on our grants or loans, living on Koka noodles, tea and Tyskie like MOST OTHER STUDENTS.


Yes you exist. Well done. We dress up as you for Halloween. Very well done. No, in all seriousness, it's never going to chance anything - you may boast about how you got James Joyce, but we got Oscar Wilde. Boom.


"Could you tell me about the Book of Kells?"

Ok, fair enough - we spend every day in college often surrounded by more tourists than students. That's a lot to handle. Worse? Find us on facebook and we're now a tourist destination, not a university. We're not indoctrinated with the grand auld history of the place before we start lectures every day and nor should we be. I don't come to your house and ask you about its history. Pfft.

"Trinity Wanker"


Hey, funnily enough, I'm capable of being a nice guy. It's people like you that make me want to be a wanker just to spite you.

"The country wastes its money on you eejits"

Maybe it does. I'm not the country, I don't tell it what to do, neither do you.


"Your degree doesn't matter"

Of course it doesn't. It's just pointless, intellectual bullshit that's a waste of time and space. To you. I enjoy it, which is why I'm doing it and you're not - it doesn't take a Trinity student to work that out, as much as I hate to admit it even UCD know that too.



Oh my god goyz, I was like so reading John Green and I totally love it. That new Marc Jacobs catalogue is gassss. Have you seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Ezra Miller is so deep man. Apparently this is what we sound like to the outside world and yes, there are the few that act like it, but we hate them as much as you, be certain of that.

"Why don't you wear trackies? They're comfy."

I do wear trackies. I wear them round the house. I'm not making a statement, they're clothes and you can make what you like of them, I'm not bothered. Some people even wear them to lectures because they're comfy. Where are you even getting this information from? Students and trackies are a match made in heaven. Hoodies, trackies and runners are ultimate hangover wear anyway. Class isn't a catwalk, and I don't go to it for style tips.


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Aaron Meredith
Article written by
First year at Trinity, English & Philosophy student, closet football fan, experienced cocktail mixer and hair bleacher. Feeling like the only Belfastard in Dublin.

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