A Little Electric Picnic Campsite Story

Neil Dunne

Campsites at music festivals are usually pretty grim places to be and are something I could do without. I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy a nice hot shower and a flushing toilet, but I'm willing to brave it 'for the music man'. Rarely however, is there a visit to an Irish festival campsite that doesn't result in some sort of memorable experience.

A few years ago, I was almost burned inside my tent at oxegen while having a kip. Only for hearing someone say " I think someones in that one" I'd be picking bits of flysheet out of every crevis. This year at Electric Picnic I crashed in a friends giant tent. This meant that my tent was an unoccupied property most of the weekend, a place to store for toothbrush and baby wipes.

I woke up on the Saturday morning, refreshed and rejuvenated from my 2 hours slumber inside an overrated plastic bag. I decided to drag myself over to my tent. I noticed that it was wide open. My first thought was that someone had stolen all my stuff. Although it wasn't much, I angrily ran over to assess the situation.

My backpack was untouched and where I had left it and everything seemed to be in order. I saw a white plastic bag in the corner of the tent so I went to investigate.


What I saw was unbelievable.

I found 2 cans of Heineken and a fiver. I thought "Score". Then I saw a note scribbled with pencil or eyeliner on a torn open cigarette box. It read;

"Hi, I got lost and crashed in your tent last night, you probably came back and saw me there, thank you for the hospitality, and please accept gifts and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love Samantha."

This to me just sums up the difference between Oxegen and Electric Picnic. There's just a different class of campsite mess.

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