A Post-Lockdown Baby Boom Is Coming Next Year

A Post-Lockdown Baby Boom Is Coming Next Year

We could have guessed that a baby boom might have occurred once we were forced to stay in our homes, but now, it's actually going to come to fruition.

Mary Brosnan, the Director of Midwifery at the National Maternity Hospital, has said that we can anticipate a 10 percent increase in the birthrate next January.

"It's very much an interesting phenomenon for people predicting, anytime there's a big event people predict nine months later, that it will be linked. Certainly we would expect next January and February to be quiet busy."

The rationale behind why there might have been a baby boom post-lockdown was spectulated by Professor of Biochemistry at the school of Immunology at Trinity College, Luke O'Neill.

Professor O'Neill stated that, "strangely", contraception use goes down in the middle of a lockdown period for a number of reasons.

"That can be because you can't get access to the pharmacies or the family planning centres, and that is going to give rise to a baby boom."

Of course, either that, or people thought that there was nothing better to do than start a family in earnest.


Comedians Julie Jay and Fred Cooke are expecting their first child in September, and it is no surprise to them that a baby boom is expected.

"What else was there to do during the lockdown except make babies?" Julie said.

"It was about the only thing in Ireland that wasn't regulated for social distancing. So I'm not one bit surprised that we are facing a baby boom.

"Back in March or April, we had hoped the madness would have calmed down a little bit. I suppose it hasn't really. It has been a surreal time for everyone in Ireland."

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