American Diary: Dublin, Its Been Real

American Diary: Dublin, Its Been Real

Wow, the day has finally come, After what seems like a quick, but also kinda long 8 weeks my time here in Ireland has come to an end. This experience has left me with a phone full of a billion pictures and videos, slightly paler skin than I am used to, and a better understanding of the true Irish culture.

Although I've never been more excited to indulge in some Chipotle, I know as soon as I get back my head is going to fill with the many things I am going to miss about my time here in Ireland.

Good ole' Dublin weather

Okay, so it doesn't help that I literally have been blessed with some of the best weather Dublin has had, but getting off the plane in the States I might melt. It's kind of refreshing having the high temps of 28 degrees. It's honestly my ideal temperature. When I  get home, 40 degrees is going to be the new normal and I don't know if my body is ready for it.

Being able to walk anywhere and everywhere

Where I live I have a car, everyone has a car it seems like. If you want to go somewhere, you get in your car and you drive there. (I live in a suburb, so public transport isn't really a thing). I have gotten used to walking almost everywhere here and I kinda like that. And not only am I walking but so is everyone else so it's not weird. You really do get to see more on foot than if you were driving.


The people

I have met some pretty cool people through my internship, my program and just being here in general. In a few short weeks, they are all going to be 4,000+ miles away. The way the Irish talk, think, act-it's all going to be an adjustment going back home. I have become very accustomed to the way things work in Ireland, getting home I will really be able to notice all of the small differences.

That really good garlic dipping sauce

Although I was heartbroken when I realized Ireland doesn't do the whole 'dip everything in ranch dressing' thing, I have come to acquire quite a liking for the various garlic sauces used instead. Something about it is super addicting, I swear I put it on everything now. But I know as soon as my lips make contact with that creamy hidden valley ranch I'll diverge right back to my roots. One day you guys will understand.

The Spire


I am the worst with directions. Even in my hometown I often still have to use my GPS on a regular basis. The Spire has been a HUGE BLESSING. Once I get past the difficulties of actually making it near the spire, I know exactly where to go once I find it. I really don't know what I would've done without it. Shout to the Spire you're the homie.

The amazing architecture

There is so much history just in the streets of Dublin. I will miss walking around and having beautiful buildings that date back father than when the U.S was founded. Don't get me wrong the U.S has many sights to see, but they are so spread out. Just in my first 2 weeks in Dublin, I feel like I learned as much history as a whole semester's class. And I was able to see where things had taken place, not just looked at a picture in a textbook. Nerdy I know, but it has been an information trip no doubt.

Anyways, my experience in Dublin has been one I will never forget.  See ya next time!

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Kaili Sager

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