Are You a Good Kisser?

I'll be honest, I'm not necessarily the most qualified person to be answering this question... Of all the girls I have successfully kissed in my life (3 in case you were wondering) only one of them has even moderately looked like she might have enjoyed it. So instead  of giving tips on how to be a good kisser, I'm going to impart some wisdom in the form of what what will make you a bad kisser...

So basically If you want to be a good kisser, do the opposite to all of this...

1. You lack confidence

2. You take too long to make the first move

2. On the flipside: you can be TOO confident


3. You're all tongue and no mouth

4. You flap your tongue around too much

5. You're more of a licker than a kisser


6. You come on too strong

7. You don't give them any indication that you're about to kiss them

8. You stop to take a selfie


9. You always instantly regret your kiss

10. You kiss too fast

11. In an attempt to be romantic you smack their head into yours


12. Or you hold their head too intensely

13. There's too much suction


14. You secretly pretend you're kissing someone else

15. You're too worried about people watching you

16. You kiss them like you're performing a root canal

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