Assignments & After Parties: Things Every First Year College Student Knows To Be True

So I, like a lot of you, am experiencing my first year in college. The freshers, welcome back and party weeks are finally over and our first month in college is coming to an end as the Halloween break approaches. The introduction lectures and kind words have finished and now the work has finally hit us. What do we do with all of these assignments? How do we even begin to approach them? I mean, I didn't even think we needed a pen in college. I assumed it was all just going to be party party party. I guess I was wrong.

1) The First Assignment:

The first is always the worst. I mean, who really knows how to use those student websites like loop, moodle and blackboard. (Side note: Loop is the bane of my existence) Finding the assignment is the first challenge, writing it up is another...but writing it up with a banging hangover and the deadline the next morning is a whole new kind of evil. We've all had those questions going through our heads when we first read the assignment: 'How on earth am I meant to know that' 'Am I sure this is the right one for my course? ' 'Did I skip this class?' 'Am I still drunk?' (Genuine concern...)

2) The Parties:

Okay, so we're no strangers to the hustle and bustle of a night out, but college nights out? There are some things we just weren't prepared for. The sheer amount of alcohol that is consumed on a daily basis actually amuses me. My main question really is how the hell are they affording all of that? I know for Dublin students especially, that the clubs are like jungles; sheer masses of alcohol, girls attempting to dance like there's no tomorrow, sweaty guys with too much gel in their hair and 'Free-in' wristbands/apps. (Seriously, does anyone ever pay in to these places?)

Getting home after these nights out is one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had. I for one am the 'mommy' of my house and therefore am in-charge of the Hailo app and the carrying of drunken housemates home at 2am. The stress of this on my first night out was truly terrifying. There is always that one person who minds everyone else. The role is never specifically given to them, they just seem to take it on of their own accord. We don't know why we do it, we just do, and you should be damn-well thankful we're up for it.


3) No Uniforms:

I personally have mixed feelings about this one. I love uniforms and lack of thought that has to go into tomorrow's outfit. On the other hand, I also love the freedom of expression that I have as I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want. However,  trying to plan an outfit after a night out, when you're still a teensy bit drunk from the night before, has resulted in me strolling into college in my sweats more than once. Sorry, not sorry.

4) Budgeting:

This one isn't a problem for some people. They have a part time job, or are savings savvy, but for the rest of us, we really have to think before we splurge on that 1am Dominos. The struggle is very real my friends.


5) Appreciation Of Home Comforts:

I for one have started appreciating the little things when I go home. For example, a home cooked dinner, a stocked fridge, a free washing machine, unending heating...the list goes on. Something as simple as a working radiator in your bedroom is a luxury these days. Might just be paying the rents a few more visits than planned this year.

6) Getting Lost (We Are First Years After All):

This is one I just can't deal with. I'm sure we all vividly remember having those Jansport bags on our backs and desperate looks on our faces as we faced our first day in secondary school. Then, as the years went by, you started to make fun of those youths. Thought you would never be back there huh? WRONG! That is us this year. Except those turtle bags are replaced by stiff laptop cases and terrified looks on our 'innocent' (yet not so innocent) faces.

7) Clubs and Socs:

The sheer mass of unusual societies in college completely baffled me. There is literally a club for everything. However, for those of us with jammed packed timetables, when exactly are we going to have time to drink tea with the Father Ted club or play Quiddittch with the Harry Potter society? You impulsively signed up for everything on Fresher's week and then immediately regretted it the next day as you were bombarded with those 'Welcome Welcome' emails.

So that's it...Reading week is finally here and I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend it curled up in a ball, catching up on those precious sleeping hours and stupid assignments I skipped. But you know what? You only do first year once. So let's live by the best motto I know: Work hard, Play harder!

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