Bad Choices You Won’t Regret Making In Your 20's

We've all have that overriding guilt at some point during college that we're making some very bad decisions. But do you ever have regrets? Didn't think so. Here are the bad choices you won't regret making in your 20's;

1) Getting no sleep.


Ah fuck it. Who'd rather stay up and enjoy the party instead of having a well-rested face? Me please.

2) Spending way too much money when you have none.



If it makes you happy and you leave yourself enough money to eat, then why not! Treat yourself to a day of grooming and retail therapy.

3) Eating your weight in food at 4am.


Sometimes it just so happens that you're still up at 4am and are feeling seriously peckish, especially after a big night. So don't fret, as long as it's not a daily occurrence.

4) Long distance relationships.



Moving around so you can be with your partner during your 20's can be a really tricky situation. You'll miss them like crazy while they're gone, but you'll never regret holding onto them. Even from afar.

5) Crying in public.


We've all been there. Whether you did shit in an exam or someone was an absolute twat to you, it's ok. You may think it's an unforgivable sin to cry in front of other humans, but you'd be surprised by how often it happens. Find a nook in the street and try and compose yourself. Or just run home as fast as you can.

6) Staying up until 3am when you have a 9am class.



You'll never be able to pull this off safely when you start work, so you might as well make the most of it now!

7) Getting way too drunk.


Have you seen the inside of a toilet bowl a few too many times? Thank your lucky stars you got to the toilet. At least you've now scared yourself enough to keep a tab on how much you're ingesting.

8) Getting lost.



Whether it's in your own head or in a city, you'd be amazed by what you'll stumble across and learn from when taking one wrong turn. You may even find something better than what you had before. It doesn't make you an idiot that's for sure.

9) Skipping class.


One class won't make any difference. You might as well make the most of your day if you've got something better planned.

10) Falling in love with someone who doesn't love you back.


It's likely we will all do it at some point during our college lifespan, and you know what, it's better to get these weird obsessions out now than in ten years time when people will actually start to think you're insane. Plus it makes for a great story.

Alex Langley
Article written by
Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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