15 Memories From The Legendary Dublin Nightclub Barcode

15 Memories From The Legendary Dublin Nightclub Barcode

The Barcode memories will forever stay with us...

Forget about Tamangoes or the Wez, Barcode was the perfect distance for all revelers from the North and Southside of Dublin to meet up. At least once a week, the youth of Dublin would congregate beside the entrance to Fairview park in preparation for the night ahead.

It's nearly 7 years since Barcode shut its doors on the 1st of November 2010. Barcode gave us 9 beautiful years of absolute madness and fashion trends that leave us thankful Snapchat wasn't around.

Here are 15 things about Barcode in Fairview that any true Dubliner will never forget:

1. The Swimming Pool

As you queued up to enter the venue, you and your mates always swore that one day you'd get into that pool. If only you could get past the moody bouncers.


2. The Arcade

Although a great bonus to your night out, the mysterious arcade was never used because everyone was too busy drinking.

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nagan

It wasn't a night out without hiding your nagan at the side of your leg or in your bra strap.

4. The Rumours


Every week panicked rumours circulated that this was the last night of Barcode. All you could hear at the end of the night was "no way!" and "Fuck off!" from the Hillbilly's counter as people shared the goss.

5. One of the Girlos

You knew you were a girlo if you had straightened ends, backcombed hair, tanned fingers and had an unhealthy obsession with Rihanna.

6. "Will you meet me mate?"


The most used word in the English language was "meet" during Barcodes glory days. Who remembers the wave of the hand as you gestured for the person to move close enough to you so you could shout the words "MEET ME MATE!" over the Tiesto music and straight in their earlobe. The awkward AF moment when they tried to meet you instead.

7. The Shots

Mickey Finns, Schlager shots or WKD were the drinks of choice. If it wasn't a luminous bright colour or have bits of gold at the bottom then it wasn't going near your mouth,

8. The Chinese

Where else could you have a mid dance break with a 3 in 1 or shredded salt chili chicken?


 9. The Toilets

Where else had so much space per cubicle?

10. Horny Night/ Shorts N' Shades Night

'Horny Night' was one of the many eventful Thursday nights hosted in Barcode. Dubbed the "horniest of night" of all, when you heard that horn go off 5 drinks would be nominated and cost €2.99 each.

11. The Tunes

No night was complete without a mosh to Basshunter, Cascada's 'Everytime We Touch' or this:


12. The Waterfall

Only the cool kids congregated at the waterfall at the back of Barcode. "Do you smoke John Player?" was the most common saying. Well, if you didn't you shouldn't have been anywhere near that waterfall.

13. Playing Pool

Every week the same group of lads wouldn't leave the pool tables. Great lads to ask if you needed a smoke.


14. Weekly Visits From Big Brothers Spiral

You were sure to spot a few local celebs floating around the place. Barcode wouldn't have been the same without Spiral.

15. Hillbilly's Gravy

The only food you needed after a night at Barcode/ the best gravy on the planet.

Bring back Barcode!

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