The #BasicBitch Festival Checklist

So, I hope all you basic bitches out there have surrendered to the term and admitted to yourself and those around you that you are, in fact, A Basic Bitch. It's okay, it's really not a bad thing - plenty of Basic Bitches are genuinely lovely people so embrace it girls, live long and prosper.

Basic Bitches really come into their own at music festivals, they don't just like them, they literallyyy love them. It's a whole new catwalk of style and food that they can tweet and Instagram and that flowery headband just looks SOFA KING cute in 'Earlybird' #AmIRight?

Here's your festival checklist, screenshot it and pop it into your girlies Whatsapp group - you know they're all as basic as you.

1. Your Flowery Headband

Absolutely essentch - like come on, we're not going to spoon feed you here.

2. Pretty Facepaint

A little flower, a few pastel dots under the eyes - fab.

3. Ray Bans

Wayfares. You know the ones.

4. Various Length Necklaces

Little heart, a cross, your name even. One necklace was SO 2014.

5. A Tan

C'mere to me Coco Brown.

6. About 1,500 Bracelets

Alex and Ani - yeah you need around 40 of these, plus a few extra random beauts.

7. A Fedora

Now, obviously if you're wearing a flowery headband you can't wear one of these. That would be literally ridiculous. Hashtag lol.

8. A Crop Top


9. Denim Shorts

You literally look like Jessica Simpson in The Dukes Of Hazzard. On point.

10. Knee High Socks

Don't even think about putting wellies on without them.

11. Hunters

Totes flattering on the calves.

12. A Long Brown/Fringed Leather Bag

Pocahontas eat your heart out.

13. Your iPhone

To insta everything. Obvs.

Sarah Power
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Unnatural blonde with a natural gift for wrapping presents. Never had one lesson. Big fan of Sex and the City, Eddie Vedder and men who have a good strong whistle. Hope to be a responsible woman one day, but for now I'm enjoying being a child in a woman's body. Pet peeve: People who abbreve everything.

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