Berkeley Tradegy: Clodagh Needs Our Help

This morning, we received an email from a close friend of Clodagh Cogley, who was tragically injured in the Berkeley Balcony Collapse on Tuesday. Clodagh is currently in intensive care, recovering from extensive injuries.

Her friend informed us that she is a huge J.K. Rowling fan and has been listening to Harry Potter audio books to give her comfort in what we can only imagine is an incredibly difficult time.

"My best friend Clodagh Cogley is a survivor of the Berkeley Balcony tragedy that happened a few days ago. She is currently recovering in an intensive care unit with many injuries and listening to the Harry Potter Audio books as a way to get through such a horrific time. She is a huge JK Rowling/ Harry Potter fan and has read each book hundreds of times (we joke about how she knows passages by heart). She just really really loves them." 


Those close to Clodagh have been trying to get in touch with J.K. Rowling to see if she could send a get well soon message and we're making it our mission to help.

"We are trying to get through to JK Rowling through Twitter, asking her to send a message to Clodagh as it would genuinely make her day/week."

So it's time to work together and make this happen. This tragedy has affected us all and if we can ease the pain of even one person, then that's what we've got to do. So go and share this on twitter, facebook, every social media account you have using the hashtag #clodaghpotter, and tag J.K. Rowling. Let's help Clodagh get through this together.

Sorcha Tyndall
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