Best Date Ideas When You Have No Fecking Money

Best Date Ideas When You Have No Fecking Money

Let's be honest for a minute; we're all students and we're all broke. However, even if you are skint, a date is always a good idea. Surprise your partner with one of these simple date ideas when you have no fucking money!


Make a den and watch a film

Yes, you may feel about seven years old doing this, but it is sure to impress your other half if you create a proper den. Bring some munch, a blanket and a good film on your laptop. A super cosy way to spend an evening with the company of Netflix and your other half.


The huge benefit of this is that you get to eat whatever you make. Raid your family's cupboard and get baking! You can also have a quickie while your treats are in the oven. Who could say no to that?!

Go for a walk at night


Whether you live in the city or the countryside, there's something truly magical about walking at night. Make sure to wrap up warm and enjoy the lights show, however big or small your town is.

Feed the ducks

SO. MUCH. FUN. If you like birds that is. Make sure your partner is comfortable around animals before you go ahead with this. All you have to do is buy a loaf of bread and you've got hours of entertainment ahead of you. Bring a picnic and save a bit of the bread for yourselves.

Thrift Shopping

Thanks to Macklemore, thrift shopping has taken a turn into the cool aisle. You would be amazed by what you can find hidden away in these musty stores. Definitely not a lazy person's date as there's a lot of sifting through shit, but it's seriously good fun trying on retro gear.


Volunteer together

Go be super nice. Look up local food runs for the homeless or help out at an old people's home for an afternoon. You will feel amazing afterwards and it's likely to be a bit of a laugh. You may learn a thing or two as well!

Secret live gigs

The internet is your Mecca here. Check out your favourite quiet venues and find out who is playing where. If you're a trendy boy/girl and know the gig scene well, you may be able to get into secret events or totally free gigs. Don't be put off by acts you don't know. You could broaden both your horizons and music taste.

Pick your own


Remember doing this as a kid? Well, you can still shove as many berries as possible into your mouth while walking around. So pick a good day and arm yourself with a basket.

Buy two Lotto tickets

Probably the cheapest and fastest date idea ever, but it also has the potential to be one of the most rewarding. It's exciting, and you'll get brownie points for being original. Hooray!

Movies in the park

Usually a summer shindig, but this trumps any film in the cinema. A lot of them are free and you can really make an evening out of it. Outdoor cinemas are popping up all over the place, so have a look at what's on near you. Armed with some booze and a blanket, there's nothing more cosy and romantic.


Sounds corny, but go outside on a clear night (check when the next full moon is) and prepare to be fucking amazed. If your fella/Missus sees a shooting star, you've hit the jackpot!

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Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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