7 Of The Best Spots To Grab A Hot Chocolate In Dublin

7 Of The Best Spots To Grab A Hot Chocolate In Dublin

It's every chocolate lovers favourite season and it's all thanks to that melted chocolate goodness that we can't get enough of. Here are seven spots in Dublin who have some of the best hot chocolate this green isle has to offer:

1. Wigwam/ Vice Coffee Inc

Vice in Wigwam on Abbey Street serves one of the best hot chocolates we've ever tasted. Without spoiling the taste, this hot chocolate is the liquid version of Maltesers. Keep a spoon handy for the crunchy bits at the end.

2. The Sweetest Thing

If you got a serious sweet tooth then you'll love The Sweetest Thing on Bachelors Walk. Full of desserts and hot drinks you can get a variety of different hot chocolates or iced drinks. Also, try their Matcha Tea Latte - it's delicious.


3. Butlers

Thankfully there's plenty of Butlers Chocolate Cafés scatted across the country and their on every street in Dublin. The white chocolate version is everything you need on a frosty day. Don't forget your complimentary chocolate!

4. The Fat Fox


The Fat Fox on Camden Row offers a variety of delicious dishes but for dessert, you need to try their signature hot chocolate.

5. Clement And Pekoe

The cool af cafe is just along South William Street. Although they serve tonnes of interesting blends of tea and coffee their hot chocolate is considered one of the best in Dublin. Just swirl your massive chunk of chocolate into the hot milk, sit back and relax.


6. Accents

Accents on Stephen Street Lower offer the perfect spot to hang out with friends or catch up on an assignment. Their hot chocolate with buttons on the side is a real treat.

7. Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard North (Capel Street) and South (Harrington Street) serve a beautiful chocolate ganache. The ganache is served with a warm milk and when they're mixed together you get a unique hot chocolate experience.

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