7 Of Ireland's Best LGBTQ+ Student Nights Out

7 Of Ireland's Best LGBTQ+ Student Nights Out

Our definition of a perfect night out is a drag queen, a bar, and '90s throwbacks, some of these fabulous nights out will become weekly fixtures in your life. Here are the best student gay nights out in Ireland.

Side note: the gay scene is slowly dying thanks to those dating apps you're so fond of using, so get off your phone and enjoy your community. Outside of a wedding, who else would dare play Cher's latest hits or RuPaul's 'Sissy that Walk'? Nobody!:

1. The George

Where: George's Street, Dublin

The George is the staple diet of Irish LGBTQ life but its Witchy Wednesdays, with iconic drag queen Veda Lady, makes it the unofficial gay student night of Ireland.

With free entry all night, it's the perfect place to sweat the night away. If you're looking for something older, check out Shirley's drag bingo on Sunday's.


2. The Kremlin

Where: Donegall Street, Belfast

Every night is a blast in Russian propaganda covered The Kremlin. Home to two different stages, the Kremlin's music can range from house to noughties classics. On Thursday nights entry is £2.50 and its £2.50 per drink. It's £1.80 for students on a Tuesday night.

3. Boombox

Where: Donegall Street, Belfast


One of our favourite nights in Boombox, a regular performance space for the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race, is 'Bitch Please'. BP takes place on Wednesday nights with Rusty Hinges, Blu Hydrangea, DJ C-Boy. Drinks are £2.50 Monday to Thursday.

4. Chambers

Where: Washington Street, Cork

Freshers' Week is just around the corner so if you're studying in CIT or UCC get down to Trump Thursday's, Chambers' student night, and hang out with drag queens Mia Gold and Dakota Mode.


5. Spinster

Where: Bad Bobs, Temple Bar

A monthly night out in Bad Bobs, this September is Spinsters third birthday which means prizes like tickets to 'Christine and the Queens' and 'All Together Now' to giveaway. Get down to the rooftop party this September and make it a monthly tradition with your sisters from another mister.

6. Mother


Where: The Hub, Eustace Street

The house and disco hits of Mother might not be to everyone's taste but this sweaty party is a night out you have to try on at least once. Mother is situated downstairs in The Hub every Saturday night.

7. Panti Bar

Where: Capel Street, Dublin

The mother of the gay Irish pub, Panti Bar is home to the Queen of Ireland herself and on Sunday's you can see her perform alongside Dizzy. Side note: if you're chunky, bearded and have a belly, the crowd will love you at Panti Bar.

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