17 Moments That'll Make You Think "Happiness Is A Myth"

17 Moments That'll Make You Think "Happiness Is A Myth"

1. When you're queuing for a bus or in a shop and the person in front of you doesn't have their change ready even though you've all been waiting for 20 minutes

2. The person who asks you for directions on the street but can't read Google maps

3. The people who jump from their seats when a plane lands

4. Making a mug of tea and realising there's no milk

5. Spending your life saying no to things even though you want to say yes.


6. When you order a round of drinks but the bar doesn't take card

7. Shops that have a minimum card spend

8. When you're waiting years to stop being an ugly duckling but all you can see now is wrinkles

9. Wet socks


10. When Kylie Jenner's baby has thousands of clothes but you have to wear the same thing from Penneys every second day

11. Spoilers.

12. When your dog decides to have diarrhea on that long scenic walk

13. Sending a creepy selfie to your best friend but accidentally sending it to your crush


14. Drivers who don't indicate, dim their lights or overtake on a continuous white line

15. When you sit through the ads on TV and only remember at the end you've been watching it on record and you could've saved 15 minutes of your life.

16. The fear.

17. When you get stuck beside someone on public transport and they have the plague.

Why can't happiness exist? Other people.

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