9 Of The Best Places In Dublin To Eat Vegan Food

9 Of The Best Places In Dublin To Eat Vegan Food

It's not always easy to go vegan and even when haters are hating you still need to find some food. Maybe you're just wondering where the best vegan food in Dublin is?

Well, we've found nine of the best spots for vegan food in Ireland's capital city:


Where: Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

If you fancy being a fancy vegan for a night then visit the delicious Cornucopia. The pasta dishes are tastier than their meat alternatives. No lie.

The Fumbally

Where: Fumbally Lane, Merchants Quay


The Fumbally can boast having one of the best falafels in Dublin. Don't leave without trying a slice of their signature chocolate cake.

Happy Food

Where: Camden Place, Saint Kevin's 

Situated beside the Yoga Hub just off Camden Street, the Happy Food café is the spot. If you want to try vegan for but you're afraid it won't taste good then this is the place for the non-believers. You have to try their vegan Snickers or Mars bar.

Mc Guinness' Traditional Take Away

Where: Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2


The vegan dream comes true in the form of the Mc Guinness' chipper. The chipper made headlines last year when they introduced their vegan menu. You can get everything from burgers to battered sausages. Hallelujah!

Umi Falafel

Where: Dame Street, Dublin 2

If you fancy a kebab from your local chipper but you're trying to maintain that vegan life then try Umi Falafel. Their Palestinian falafel is the perfect meal for a hangover too.


Where: Queen Street, Smithfield


Vegans do have fun too. Smithfields recently opened Token bar offers a range of snacks and treats for vegans. You can get a vegan hot dog or an Obi Juan Ke-N0-Meat taco and play some video games while you're at it.

Blazing Salads

Where: Drury Street, Dublin 2

The whole food deli sells vegan veggie burgers that you can stick on the barbeque. Sure you couldn't go wrong.


Where: Middle Abbey Street and Aungier Street 


Govinda's is one of the cheapest places to eat vegan food in Dublin and it's tasty as hell. A plate of food costs €6 euro and you never know what you're going to get. If you're lucky, they'll have some of their lentil shepherds pie on offer. It's perfect for students too. Every night before they close their doors, they offer a tray of food for €1. Pick up a sample of their white chocolate vegan fudge. It's delicious.

Staple Foods

Where: Grattan Street, Dublin 2

Who doesn't love good food without the guilt? Try out Staple Foods vegan and paleo options. Get in here early as Staple Foods only opens from 8 am - 3.30pm.

Comment below with your favourite places to eat vegan food.

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