The Best Ways For Students To Get Around Dublin

Dublin is arguably the greatest city of all time for students. It has late bars, great restaurants and really fun people... If you're a student, you need to know the lay of the land - so here's the best way for students to get around.

Uber Dublin

This little app on your phone is a saviour to any student. It's safe, comfortable cars can find you and collect you wherever you might be, quicker than you can say #OneNightStand.

Check out the codes featured in the Uber ads on College Times and redeem your FREE first trip up to €20. Just click on the ads and enter the code, happy travelling!


Dublin Bikes


The best thing to happen to Dublin since slice pan... whenever that was. These little gems can be found all over the city, pay a  very small yearly fee and cycle to your hearts content.


Public Transport

Dublin is actually great for public transport. With the bus and the Luas flowing regularly, there's no excuse not to get around anymore (so if the last place you want to go is that party, you better make up something better than the transport fail)


It might seem obvious but this city is so small compared to other major student cities and it's really never going to take you longer than 20 minutes to get around the city centre. Hurray for you seeing the sights and hurray to your waist line which is benefitting ultimately.

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