Beyoncé's New Christmas Jumper Range Will Leave You Weak

Beyoncé's New Christmas Jumper Range Will Leave You Weak

Okay, ladies now let's get Christmas ready...

Christmas is a time when you stock up on special offer selection boxes and promise yourself you'll read every autobiography that is gifted to you this Christmas. Sometimes amongst the chaos, a bright beacon of hope comes forward and slays everyone and, as usual, it's Beyoncé.

Queen Bee has treated her fans to a Christmas miracle and has released a line of Beyoncé merch online that incorporates your two favourite things: Beyoncé quotes and Christmas.

Here are just some of the juicy bits you can get your paws on now:

Thicc Purple Crewneck - $55

'Cause your body is never too bootylicious.


Best Revenge Is Your Wrapping Paper - $16

Just don't leave a paper trail...

Sis The Season Crewneck - $55


Holidayoncé White T- Shirt - $40

Love God Herself Tee - $35


Yoncé White Raw Edge Crop Top - $35



Slay Bells Red Satin Ball Ornament - $12

Holidayoncé Lemon Enamel Ornament - $24

Bee Yoncé Enamel Ornament - $24


Bee-have yourself this Christmas.

Holidayoncé White Satin Ball Ornament - $12


Legacy Pullover - $60

To be officially sleighed, go to and browse the entire Christmas and all year round merch range.

Images via Beyoncé.com

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