A Dublin Bar Is Hosting A Buckfast Weekend Festival And It Looks Amazing

A Dublin Bar Is Hosting A Buckfast Weekend Festival And It Looks Amazing

The majority of monks dedicate themselves to a life of piety, celibacy and the wearing of very coarse looking fabrics. However, there are a group of monks, living in a Benedectine abbey in England who have, in conjunction with these things, also taken it upon themselves to ensure that as many of the populace have the opportunity to drink themselves into such a state that they pass out, their bodies wracked with caffeine induced tremours, in the gutters of this nation. Their means of doing so is through the production of a drink that could reasonably be said bridges the gap between Calpol and wine. It is Buckfast, the tonic wine.

To celebrate the existence of this terrible beauty The Bernard Shaw have announced the World Buckfast Weekender. The two day event, scheduled to take place on May 11 & 12 will take place in the Bernard Shaw and Eatyard.

They will have a whole slew of events on over the weekend, including, Buckfast infused 99 ice creams; a Buckfast Bottomless Brunch on the Big Blue Bus; a special TBC Buckfast cocktail, created by Brewtonic; a 'Buckfast Quiz' (whatever that means) and other, more abstract and tenuous Buckfast themed shenanigans.

Visit their website to find out more about the event and to see how you can book a table.


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Rory McNab

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