What Your Café Says About You

What does your favourite café say about you?

Don't worry it doesn't talk about you behind your back. We all have a favourite spot to go and wind down and enjoy a cup of coffee. I have a place that is like my second home. Certain cafés suit certain people so which are you?


You're Classical. Perhaps you're older or want to appear more mature and sophicticated. An old lady's favourite flake space..



Butlers Chocolate Café

You've got a sweet tooth. That free tiny choclote with every coffee just makes your day..

Keogh's Café

Like good coffee and want a place that a little out of the way. It's quiet and a good place to read a book..


Date time. Oh yeah meeting a current flame? Bring her here. She might only drink half the large latte you bought her but at least it'll show you've taste..



You want a homely place to relax with smooth music. Away from the mainstream coffee venters and phoneys..

Or you want to be with fello vespa riders..


Tea Garden

You like to get high.. This is the good shiz, man..

Mc Café

It's Mc Donalds, c'mon. Do you want fries with your cappuccino, sir? You just want coffee and you don't care what it came from. The antithesis of a coffee snob..

It's also cheap and this is important to you..

The Twisted Pepper

Love the craic and your music.. Techno for life?? Maaaaybeee take a pill, maybe..


Cafe Sol

Busy on the move. You need a coffee and you need it now because you've go work to do..

Facebook'em: Cafe Sol

Tower Sound Bites Café 

You're cool, I telling you you're cool. You want to chill and enjoy a coffee while you drool over the latest addiction to your vinyl collection..


Central Hotel

You are a struggling actor or brudding writter type and you want to be left alone so you can ponder why your brilliance isn't appreciated..



You like your image and you want to be seen as you write your million dollar screen play or best selling fantasy novel. You could just be another hipster..


Chris Duff

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