11 Absolute Bargains You Need For Your Summer Gaff Sesh

11 Absolute Bargains You Need For Your Summer Gaff Sesh

Today is meant to be the start of something wonderful. Our old companion S-U-N is coming back into our lives which means we need to top up the tan and stock up the adult party bags.

As the mini-heatwave arrives; whether you plan to keep it chill this weekend or have a bit of a gaff sesh here are just some of the bargain bits you need to grab hold of:

1. Cocktail Fish Bowl

Two reasons to buy a cocktail fishbowl for €1.50 from Dealz: You get to avoid the queue for the kitchen and stay hydrated; win, win.

2. Unicorn Pinata

Who doesn't love a good party game? €1.50 from Dealz.


3. Silly String

As well as glow sticks, what's any party without silly string? You can get them both for €1.50 from Dealz.

4. Firefly Lights from Primark

At €3, these firefly lights will give you that gorgeous glow at dusk.


5. A Back Garden Swimming Pool

At €96 from Argos, this outdoor swimming pool from Bestway is perfect for those rare hot days. If you don't use it to swim then turn it into a giant cooler.

6. Cutlery

At €1.50 a pop, Dealz cutlery won't leave you with a million dishes to clean up once everyone's done a runner. You can even get Unicorn napkins to go with your pinata...


7. Sunlounger

If you're feeling like the extra one in the group grab this glam sunlounger from Lidl for €39.

8. Beach Chair

Grab a €12 chair from IKEA and don't worry about not having somewhere to rest your mush.


9. Fans

If you don't fancy a €1.50 fan from Dealz, grab this stand-alone number for €16.99 from Argos to keep you and the gang cool as a cucumber.

10. Beer Tasting Kit

Or a tray for all your drinks? - €1.50 from Dealz.

11. Barbecue

If you're looking for a quick fix barbecue then try out the instant barbecue from Woodies for just €3.99.


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