Chicken Nugget Ice Cream Exists And We Feel Conflicted

Chicken Nugget Ice Cream Exists And We Feel Conflicted

As you wake up today feeling worse for wear after the bank holiday weekend, you may be contemplating what hangover treat will help you overcome the fear. Ice cream is always a winner to settle the stomach after over indulging on the sesh, or who can resist the go-to treat since the age of 6, chicken nuggets. Either of these options is a sure-fire way to bring you back to your happy place. Thanks to XXI ICE you no longer have to make the difficult decision of choosing between chicken nuggets and ice cream, you can have premium hand-rolled chicken nugget ice cream.

Check out how XXI Ice make this unlikely pairing:

While there's no doubt that this looks delicious, I have an unshakable feeling of inner conflict at the prospect of chicken bits in my ice cream. This isn't the first time XXI Ice unveiled an unusual creation, in March of this year they launched Tayto Cheese & Onion rolled Ice cream. Some of their more common flavours are, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme, Kinder Bueno, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher & Strawberry rolled ice cream.

As we approach ice-cream parlours we are immediately overwhelmed by choice, not just flavours but servings and toppings. Gone are the simpler times of two options, a plain block of HB Vanilla or if you're feeling fancy some HB Raspberry ripple between those wafers. On special occasions then like Christmas and Easter, the parents would roll out the Romantica and the experience was that of true happiness.


Now, we have anything you can think of as an ice cream flavour and it's safe to say not all of them work. The well-known artisan ice cream company Murphy's reported the worst flavour they ever made was Smoked Salmon Ice Cream. We are tampering with perfection people!

If you have ever thought, "You know what this ice cream is missing, a chicken nugget", you can find out more about  XXI ICE, the North East’s only hand rolled ice cream maker here.

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Deirdre Kelly

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