This Wicklow Farmer Is Making Alpaca Hikes With Prosecco A Reality

This Wicklow Farmer Is Making Alpaca Hikes With Prosecco A Reality

Ever dreamed of hiking with an alpaca while sipping on some refreshing prosecco high up in the mountains? Well now that dream can become a reality.

Two of the best past times in the world combined to create one amazing experience, and it's only a spin down the road.

K2 Alpacas organise weekly hikes in Newtown Mount Kennedy in Wicklow, and it's something you should most definitely add to your bucket list for 2019.

The company is fairly new, but have been extremely popular among avid hikers and prosecco drinkers. An afternoon like this would suit any occasion, from a first date, friend date, hen party or just for the laughs, these alpacas will make sure you're having the best time no matter who you're with. (and for only 20 euro this is a bargain!)

The hikes are ran by Alpaca Joe, who has named all of his pet Alpacas after his nieces and nephews, so they all have pretty normal human names, i.e Amy. Hilarious.

Joe leads the group on the hike while sharing his knowledge of the area and making sure everyone's having a great time with their chosen Alpaca - Yep, everyone gets their own Alpaca to hike with on the journey.

Not only is it the most romantic walk along the hillside with your best Alpaca by your side, but you also get a glass of prosecco when you make it back, with some fresh strawberries to top it off, served personally by Joe himself.


If you like the idea, but aren't too fond of being that up close and personal to an alpaca then don't worry, you can still enjoy their company by following K2 Alpacas on Instagram, where Joe shares some of his favourite snaps of his darling friends.


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Dinner time for the boys.... I'll paca lunch...

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Look at how adorable they are!

Book your spot on the next alpaca hike here. 

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