Chrissy Teigen Shared Her Period Breakout And We Are Here For It

Chrissy Teigen Shared Her Period Breakout And We Are Here For It

Chrissy Teigen is quickly becoming the Queen of Twitter, not because of her 6.57 million followers but because she tells it like it is. The Victoria's Secret model made headlines last week for managing to get blocked by Donald Trump on the social media platform by repeatedly harassing him.

It wasn't even top-level trolling: one of the tweets was just a reply to Trump that said "Lolllllllll no one likes you". The woman is a powerhouse. She models, she has a cookbook, she puts up with John Legend and she's a mother. How does she do it?

On top of that, day after day, she is a role model beyond all role models. Last night, Chrissy Teigen shared her period breakout with the world.


Teigen posted a video of her examining her face where she says "This is my skin on my period. Look at it. So angry". Her skin appears red and blotchy and, as she says herself, angry. The video, although short, stands to represent more than just a supermodel's mild skin irritation while menstruating. Teigen has a platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of young people everyday, including the women who feel ashamed of their period and the men who feel too awkward to talk about it.


If everyone would post a video openly addressing their period and the problems associated with it, we'd make great strides towards the normalisation of something that is so incredibly normal. Additionally, by speaking about her skin issues, teenagers and young adults around the globe can see that it is not embarrassing to have acne, rosacea, psoriasis or any other skin condition for that matter. A supermodel is someone who makes their money from being beautiful and photogenic and if they can still do that job with skin problems, it proves that perfect, blemish-free skin is not a factor in being beautiful.

The people of Twitter feel the same way:

Snaps to you, Chrissy. Keep being the pure, relatable angel that you are.

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